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A cricket invasion haunts a small town in America

A cricket invasion haunts a small town in America

Millions of crickets have invaded the community of Elko, Nevada for several days. Mormon crickets cover streets and houses, even blocking the way to the hospital. “You feel completely assaulted,” resident Colette Reynolds told CBS. “When you’re indoors, it looks like rain” because crickets fell everywhere.

In the small town of about 20,600 people, the pest infestation was a problem for medical services. Hospital official Steve Burrows told local broadcaster KSL TV that the crickets would have to be removed with leaf blowers and brooms to get patients to the hospital.

A tractor with a snow plow is in use

Meanwhile, a tractor with a snow plow was used to remove the mountains of pests.

According to entomologist Jeff Knight, schools of crickets are not uncommon in the region. As human settlements continue to expand what were once natural areas, residents will notice them more and more.

The use of insecticides against crawling, crawling and teasing invaders is obviously not planned. Elko’s other option is to wait for the crickets to run away on their own, said expert Knight.

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