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New music from Ischia, such as Elephants, Sodel, and much more

New music from Ischia, such as Elephants, Sodel, and much more

With 80s inspired dream pop against insecurity, with indie pop that connects the past with the present, with associative hip-hop that cultivates a catchy tone and with folk rock that creates an anthem for resilience. These are the latest videos and songs from Austria.

By Andreas Gestetner-Brügger

The new album “Ende Nie” was released last week Wanda Back. Great work, almost like a debut for a band that has gone through a tough time. With pop music, Marko Wanda and his band sing against loss and sadness and offer us songs full of courage and joy of life.

Despite the weather, it is already summer, after all, Austrian musician Spilif and cabaret artist Benedikt Mitmannsgruber have been invited to dinner at the Ponyhof with Fiva and Phekt.

After the Rainbow Parade in Vienna electrified the federal capital and transformed it into a place of diversity and tolerance, Noa brought us her favorite songs on FM4 to close out the weekend. On 21 June 2024, NNOA opened the FM4 stage at Donauinselfest

Our new FM4 chart releases show that the booming summer also brought with it plenty of local releases. This time it's all made in Austria, with Kässy, Low Life Rich Kids, Manic Youth and Wolke8, with Salzburg EDM star producer Toby Romeo having a hand in it. Possibly one of the best summer shows of 2024.

This week also had a lot to offer in terms of Austrian music.

Ischia – “Will You Continue”

Behind the band Ischia They are singer, guitarist and keyboardist Adele Ischia and bassist Hjörtur Hjörleifsson, the latter of whom we know from Ohel and Endless Wellness. Along with Lena Kauntz (guitar) and Philip Hackl (drums) they write pop songs that, in the case of “Will You Go On”, are slightly oriented towards the 1980s. It's about insecurity in the relationship. Will the connection last even if everything around you changes quickly? It is a symptom that occurs frequently these days. Lack of commitment, wanting a lot of freedom, and a lack of direction at the same time. This also affects interpersonal relationships. On “Will You Continue” you can also hear a certain longing for depth and fixation. The cheerful glockenspiel contributes greatly to the dream-like mood of the song.

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Like Elephants – “Past. Now”

also Like elephants They are at home in dream pop territory. The band was founded 10 years ago, and with their new single “ThePast.TheNow” they are breaking new ground. Viktor Koch's voice becomes deeper and more mature, the sound is spacious and balanced, the arrangement and mood are strongly reminiscent of The National and the anthemic character fits the theme perfectly. Like elephants, they look back at big personal milestones and feel happy about the changed vision of their lives. Not everything has to be perfect.

Like Elephants, he has producer Jordan Lawlor, guitarist and producer of M83, to thank for the change in sound, which he requested of the band on his own initiative. It turned out to be a great collaboration. We are excited for more songs.

Harry Dean Lewis – “Blue Dunlops”

Great debut song. She seems very mature and independent. This is because rappers and singers Harry Dean Lewis She has already done some collaborations. With, for example, Joe Traxler and Girondolini. “Blue Dunlops” is a hip-hop and soul-pop track whose flow instantly transports you and offers you good daily advice: When you put the pizza in the oven, you should set an alarm. “Blue Dunlops” is a catchy tune that ends after three minutes and leaves you wanting more.

Felix Kramer – “Road Trip”

Singer and songwriter Felix Kramer With “Roadtrip” he wrote an upbeat, crazy number about wanderlust. About stepping out of your comfort zone, with the person by your side who makes you feel at home anywhere anyway. This makes a road trip a refreshing experience, without a plan and under the weight of bugs. What a loving song that doesn't take a glorified look at vacation and travel. So there can be tension, but a country-style song always lifts the mood when it's in danger of tipping over.

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LLA – “Crocodile Jinn”

It was originally LLA Founded in the United States of America. Then singer-songwriter Tim Tercero came to Vienna and developed The LLA into a band. The song “Crocodile Gin” has a long history dating back several years. It's a song about a relationship where you lose yourself so deeply that you feel like you've lost your identity. “Crocodile Gin” is not only an indie pop song, but also a comic book published at the same time. The video consists of comedic images that support the mood of the song. A wild yet wonderful world of sound and images.

Sudel – “I am a woman”

It starts off like a folk number with acoustic guitar, violin and trumpet. A nice Calexico-style ballad until the distorted guitars take hold in the chorus of “I Am Woman” and the song steers toward the Cranberries and grunge aesthetics. Singer and songwriter Sudel Salzkammergut surprises with this hymn to resilience, as Sudel says:

“I Am Woman” is about the resilience it takes as a woman to assert yourself in a patriarchal society without alienating yourself. As a FLINTA, you often feel like you have to constantly emulate masculine ideals in order to gain respect. The song is intended to be a reminder that there is a lot of power, mysticism, and primal power in not being a man. I wrote the song when I was 17 and tired of wearing hard armor until it was taken away..

It's also good to know

  • text They proved that they are still one of the most important hip-hop groups in Austria. Retro hip-hop music with lyrics that capture the spirit of the times and promote freedom. Because we don't have to do everything anyone asks of us because “God bless Strosson“.
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  • What are your friends doing today? Have they traveled to the moon, do they always smoke or go to the opera? Did they always live off their father's money or did they make their way on their own? JoJo Orden And the Berlin rapper Stacks102 Thoughtful rap about friendship and life in “all my friends“.
  • Between celebration and disappointment at dawn. Just go with your sign and party. Jacoba and Kiplov acting “Dad sauna“.
  • 5 musicians from Vienna who will delight all fans of Idles, Fontaines DC, The Cure and Interpol. the Broken cars It has all its influences in indie post-punk.”Elijah song“Let it flow.
  • Zansheen She produced a special ocean album with “OK Ocean”. “Wide and beautiful and poignant, like a path”Do not thinkMakes it heard.
  • Vienna rapper Svaba Ortak he have Vienna Allstars II They gathered around themselves. A track like the entire album.
  • It's been a long time since he became a singer-songwriter Max Finn He released one single, but still an additional nod to “The Great”moon”, a dreamy, yearning number that sounds like a young Coldplay.
  • Last Thursday in Sound Garden FM4 There was a detailed listen through Wanda's new album. Felix Kramer gave an account of his “road trip.”