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A small generator converts the movement of molecules into electricity

A small generator converts the movement of molecules into electricity

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A research team from China has one Small generator Develop from Movement of molecules It can be converted into electricity. The molecules exist in a liquid at room temperature.

Thanks to their thermal energy, molecules are constantly moving. “We thought it might be interesting and useful to see if you could harvest this movement and turn it into electricity,” he says. Wei Li Manal Nankai University.

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Electric charge when deformed

The generator he and his colleagues built is called Molecular Thermal Harvester (MTMH) Just 1 square centimeter Large and consists of an upper and lower electrode. These contain several filaments 25 nm wide Zinc oxide attached. A material can generate an electrical charge when it is mechanically deformed.

Small generator with two electrodes and zinc oxide filaments

The device has been converted into one octane Filled container. It is a hydrocarbon similar to propane, which is used to fill lighters. In comparison, octane has a longer chain of carbon and hydrogen atoms.

Low power consumption devices

During the experiments, once the molecules in the liquid come into contact with the zinc oxide filaments, they generate an electrical voltage of 2.28 volts And the current strength of 2.47 nanoampere. According to the team, the small generator could be used in the future to power many low-power devices such as medical implants or small household appliances.

The team now wants to look for other fluids that could serve as a power source for the generator. The study was published in the journal Anti-personnel landmine materials published.

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