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A tribute from classic to classic »Leadercent

A tribute from classic to classic »Leadercent

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| 07/31/2022

Kult-Eis honors the composer with a music video for his 25th Symphony and a special exhibition in Mozart’s hometown.

Wolfgang Amadeus (Amadé) Mozart was a superstar of his day and continues to charm people all over the world today. Now the ice cream classic Magnum is honoring the great teacher with the first music video for one of his compositions – the first movement in the 25th Symphony.

The premiere of the remix video “Mozart by Magnum” took place on July 29, 2022, in the composer’s hometown of Salzburg as part of a reception hosted by the Mozarteum Foundation and Magnum International. A special exhibition open to visitors until September 11, in addition to the clip “Mozart by Magnum”, a letter from 1778 from the Mozarteum Foundation is presented for the first time. In it, Mozart shows himself as a fan of ice cream from the start and writes that he treated himself as a “good iced person” in Paris.

“Mozart was one of the greatest composers, he was vibrant and, as we now know, a true lover of ice cream,” says Christian Hasse, Unilever, Managing Director of Ice Cream DACHBeNeLux. “With his passion and desire to continue reinventing himself, he would be the perfect Magnum ambassador today.”

“As the International Mozarteum Foundation, we are of course particularly pleased that one of the world’s most famous ice cream brands is honoring Wolfgang Amadé Mozart with this international creative project. Collaborations like this certainly help to attract the attention of the younger generations to Mozart. I am convinced that they are important for many shows. An incentive for people to take a closer look at musical genius,” says Rainer Heneis, Managing Director of Mozarteum International.

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Mozart interpreted into the twenty-first century

Linus Klumpner, Director of the Mozart Museums in Salzburg: “The International Mozarteum Foundation has made it its mission to show the life and work of Wolfgang Amadé Mozart from a new perspective and in an innovative way. The video has been adapted, now published The Magnum campaign is a creative example of how Mozart has been reinterpreted in the 21st century. Twenty. “MOZART by MAGNUM” joins a series of exciting collaborations between the brand and contemporary artists. I am delighted to have video visitors from all over the world on display in Mozart’s hometown as part of a special exhibition.”

Among the guests and media representatives were several notable guests, including: opera star, Mozart fan and artistic director of the Mozartium Rolando Villazon, presenter and singer Victoria Swarovski, dance professionals/dance stars Manuela Stockl and Florian Gescheider, and Allegra Tenefeld, finalists for Starmania , bestselling author Hera Lehner and Engelbert Wartenberg and designer Caroline Senimos, Ledwin Clary Waldringen and Eva Maria Baronen von Schelgen-Arnsberg and Klaus Matisse, Managing Director of Mozartium International Rainer Henness, Director of Mozart Museums in Salzburg Linus Klumpner and Unilever Austria Managing Director Gerold I

Leadercent He was at the event in Mozart’s hometown included.