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» John Williams’ vinyl “Berlin Concert” – the composer conducts the Berlin Philharmonic. Deutsche Gramophone Sign Online

Vinyl John Williams “Berlin Concert” – composer conducts the Berlin Musical Orchestra; German gramophone

Live recording from October 2021 from the Berlin Philharmonic

Following the recording of the concert from Wiener Musikverein from January 2020, the Anne-Sophie Mutter & John Williams – In Vienna concert has now also been recorded. John Williams From the Berlin Philharmonie in various forms. If an American composer with an inexhaustible fondness for the sonic spice soaring through the sky for blockbuster movies with its sumptuous vocal carpets, has managed to reach the holiest shrines of classical music in Vienna and Berlin, both as a composer and as a conductor, it is certainly an exceptional and noteworthy case.

Whether this is really a “visit from God” in Berlin, as Der Standard wrote on January 19, 2020, may be an open question. But everyone who loves this kind of classic lighting will also be delighted with this technically polished recording. There seem to be many fans of this, in some stations of German classical music, very catchy and romantic movie music that pleasantly tickles the emotions throughout the day from their own perception.

The mighty sound of Hollywood: whether it’s music star Wars (Empire Strikes, New Hope), Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade), Close encounters of the third kindAnd the Which. T. extra floorAnd the Superman or to the west “in a far country” We all encounter them in the usual American voice of fantastical promises, and the never-ending economic miracle, in a positive and mostly hopeful discipline. They are newly notable percussion musical dream factories, acoustic chocolate in a crushing big screen cinema, of course subtly emphasized by professional practitioner and sympathetic John Williams with some elements from the American National Symphony School (including Ives, Barber, Bernstein, Carter) and more. From borrowings from (Late) German Romanticism (Wagner, Strauss).

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John Williams is incredibly popular. No wonder: he is a fanciful instrumentalist, and his instrumental music skillfully in full symphonic performance is familiar to many; who have never been to a classic concert hall in their lives. So it’s pedagogically good to also have our double LP Elegy for Cello and Orchestra You can hear, the soloist was the first cellist solo in an orchestra, Bruno Delibere.

In order to present the sound as authentically as possible, the Berlin Musical Orchestra used brighter American instruments instead of German horns. Of course, the orchestra musicians praise in their statements on the brochure about the meeting with the charismatic star who has solid ground. So says the editor-in-chief of the orchestra Tobias Muller Liked the different sounds of the marches: “Very heroic in the career of Superman, adventurer and tongue-in-cheek in the career of the Indiana Jones Raiders, and brutally determined in the career of Imperial Star Wars.”

that Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra In their work of perfection they are truly perfect mediators Sometimes it glows darkly, sometimes radiant, sometimes shimmering. Needless to say, pick up Williams’ voice.

In all the jubilation—and superlatives that are better tuned more moderately—about the event, an overdose of spherical beauties overwhelms the beauty in the end. It’s a bit like this to me: I’m standing in front of a display with the most delicious French pastries, and I can’t get enough of the bright and colorful spectacle and want to have it all at once on a hungry stomach. But when I ate two pieces of it, it’s enough for now. Diagnosis: complete. Transferred to Williams Music: There’s a difference between experiencing music in doses in a movie or taking 90 minutes of it in a package. Therefore, I recommend listening to the luxurious album musically in installments. Which of course works better on vinyl than on CD.

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Speaking of vinylDeutsche Gramophone cannot be thanked enough for offering so many albums in a variety of formats. This has the advantage that acoustics buffs can once again test the full power of their charge with top-notch LPs or show it off with a little ostentation in front of an audience. But the music is also presented more fragmented, because after every 20-30 minutes the sides are scheduled to change, the needle has to be cleaned and all the other ritual noise in the hi-fi sector has to occur. Then the necessary rest can be taken in peace and quiet before the appetite for Williams sonic appetizers returns and the lucky hormone is brought in.

The album is available as a limited edition of two CDs, a limited set with two 180g LPs, and a limited deluxe edition, available for download and streaming. The Deluxe Edition offers two CDs and a concert movie on Blu-ray in Stereo, Surround 5.1 and Dolby Atmos formats. Of course, everything is also available on DVD.

Album Content:

  • Olympic fanfare and theme
  • Excerpts from Close Encounters of the Third Kind;
  • far and away suite
  • ET Flight Theme – Extraterrestrial
  • Hedwig’s theme, Nimbus 2000 and Harry’s Wounded World from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone;
  • Jurassic Park Theme. Superman March
  • Scherzo Motorcycle and Orchestra from Indana Jones and the Last Crusade;
  • Marion theme and Raiders March from Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark;
  • Elegy for Cello and Orchestra.
  • Han’s Adventures from the Star Wars Story;
  • Yoda and the Imperial March theme from Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back;
  • Throne Room & Finale, Princess Leia theme from Star Wars: A New Hope;
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