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ABBA Songs, Musical Stars and “Italian Nights” on the Danube »Leidersent

ABBA Songs, Musical Stars and “Italian Nights” on the Danube »Leidersent

| Editorial Board

| 06/27/2023

Highlights from this year’s DDSG Blue Danube fleet cruises.

The DDSG Blue Danube fleet once again offers themed boat trips during the day and evening under the motto “Happy moments on board”. The organizers promise various attractions, delicious cuisine and musical accompaniment.

From Sweden to “Bella Italia” to Heurigen

Various themed cruises are offered on MS Admiral Tegetthoff in July. “Swedish Night” on July 7th features ABBA’s biggest hits and a typical Swedish buffet. On July 13, Greek Night invites you in with a live band and Mediterranean specialties like tzatziki, souvlaki, and moussaka. On July 22, guests can enjoy pasta and tiramisu on the “Italian Night”. Every Thursday, MS Wien offers a trip to the wine tavern with Viennese songs, wine tavern specialties with typical Viennese dishes such as steaks and snacks.

In July, MS Kaiserin Elisabeth presented the “Sunset Barbecue Cruise” with final fireworks (ledersent mentioned). Other highlights include the “Boozy Brunch” on July 16, which features cocktails and a great selection at the buffet, as well as a cruise themed “Musicalstars in Concert” from July 2023. Travelers can experience live music greats, such as Vincent Bueno.

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