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The LUX Film Prize 2023 goes to ‘Close’ by Lukas Dhont |  Present

The LUX Film Prize 2023 goes to ‘Close’ by Lukas Dhont | Present

The film, a co-production of Belgium, France and the Netherlands, tells the story of a deep friendship between thirteen-year-old boys Leo and Remy. When their friendship suddenly breaks, Leo turns to Sophie, Remy’s mother, to understand what happened. Close is a film about friendship and responsibility.

The other four films nominated for the award are:AlkarrasSpanish director Carla Simon.burn daysDirected by Turkish director, Emin Albir.A phosphorescent light that hovers or floats at night on the swampy groundPortuguese director João Pedro Rodriguez andSadness triangleDirected by Swedish Ruben Ostlund.

The winning film was decided by a combination of the public vote and the vote of the MEPs, each of equal standing. In total, some 45,000 ratings (on a scale from one to five stars) were given by European viewers and 360 by MEPs.

Press conference and other events

Press conference with the winner, with Vice-President of the European Parliament Evelyn Regner (S&D, AT) and Honorary President of the European Audience Film Prize (LUX Film Prize) and President of the European Film Academy, Mike Downeyafter the awards ceremony a B C And EP Live transformation.

At 19:45 there will be a Facebook Live with the winner instead.

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