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About one million people demonstrated against the Polish government

Two weeks before Poland’s parliamentary elections, about one million people demonstrated today against the policies of the ruling right-wing nationalist Party (PiS). A spokeswoman for the city administration told the portal that this is the largest demonstration in Warsaw’s history.

Participants walked closely together through central Warsaw. The demonstrators carried banners reading: “We have had enough and we want change” and “Together we have power.”

“March of a Million Hearts”

The conservative Liberal Citizens Coalition, which emerged from opposition leader Donald Tusk’s former ruling Citizens Platform party, called for a “March of a Million Hearts.” The demonstration is also supported by the left-wing Luika coalition.

AFP/Rafal Oleksiewicz

“Nothing can stop this power,” Tusk said. “No one in the ranks of power above should have any illusions. This change is inevitable.”

At the start of the event, Tusk spoke of nearly a million participants, while the PAP news agency, citing unofficial information from the police, reported that there were approximately 100,000 demonstrators.

The elections are in two weeks

Poland is scheduled to elect a new parliament on October 15. In all polls so far, the national conservative Law and Justice Party, in power since 2015, has a clear lead. However, it may need a coalition partner to form a government – ​​and it finds that in the far-right Confederaga party.

Recently, government statements about the possible cessation of military aid to Ukraine have caused alarm. In addition, the scandal surrounding the illegal issuance of visas to immigrants has put the right-wing conservative government, which advocates a tough line on immigration policy, in a difficult position.

The Citizens’ Coalition led by Tusk is ranked second in opinion polls. She hopes to use the demonstration to mobilize people enough to win the parliamentary elections.

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