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Concert “Vienna – USA” – the highlight of the concert season at the Hainburg

Concert “Vienna – USA” – the highlight of the concert season at the Hainburg

Benjamin Schmid on violin – by the way a 1718 Stradivarius “ex Viotti” violin, presented by the Austrian National Bank, Ariane Haring on piano and Ipp Hausmann on clarinet.


DrThe Hainburg Haydn Society hosted the exceptional violinist Benjamin Schmid with the equally distinguished partners Arian Heyring and Abe Hausmann at the Kulturfabrik.

Anyone who loves crossover parties was in for a special treat on Friday at Hainburg. Benjamin Schmid, violinist with many international awards and professor at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, together with his wife, pianist Ariane Haring, and clarinetist Eb Hausmann, probably gave the outstanding concert of the year at the Kulturfabrik.

After the classical introduction of Mozart’s E-flat Major Sonata and Sonatina for clarinet and piano by Joseph Horowitz, one of “the most beloved and least known composers of the twentieth century”, as Hausmann notes, the first arrangement came as early as the third piece of the evening to cheers and cheers from the audience. Schmid, Haring, and Haussmann performed George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” with their own arrangement for piano, clarinet, and violin. This remarkable act, which opened concert halls to jazz in the mid-1920s, and which Schmid highlighted as the “achievement of the century,” had the audience heading to intermission completely excited.

Arrangements by horn violinist Jascha Heifetz continued before Georg Brinchmid’s offbeat composition “Fortuitousness”, specially arranged for the three instruments, formed the splendid finale to the concert evening.