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More contraceptives in the US through the repeal of Ro V.  flesh

More contraceptives in the US through the repeal of Ro V. flesh

A“Political” site in early May about the Supreme Court’s plan America Dani Marietti didn’t wait long for the nearly 50-year-old nationwide abortion law to be repealed. The student sat down at the computer and began searching for a doctor in her home state of Montana who would be willing to sterilize her. “I always knew I didn’t want kids,” the 25-year-old told NPR. “But when you’re young, it always means you’ll change your mind. The fear that she won’t be able to make her own decisions about contraception or abortion in the future led Marietti to make an appointment to get sterilized. In the next few days, both fallopian tubes will be removed from the student.

Prevent by contraception?

Marietti was one of tens of thousands of American women who died after the Roe v decision. Wade guaranteed nationwide abortion rights and fears restrictions on reproductive medicine — and sterilization. By the decision of TOPS V. There was the Jackson Women’s Health System US Supreme Court On June 24, he left the issue of abortion to individual states. Marietti’s home state of Montana still allows abortions.

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