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Viktoria Fuchs cooks up against Tim Mälzer in Kitchen Impossible: Daily Ticket

Viktoria Fuchs cooks up against Tim Mälzer in Kitchen Impossible: Daily Ticket

Victoria Fox confronts Tim Malzer at Kitchen Impossible. The Chef from the Black Forest knows the TV chef and wants to show who can cook the impossible best. How does the duel end?

“He’s an old man, slow too, that’s Tim.” Whoever dares to attack the King of Kitchen Impossible like this must have balls in his pants. or not. Viktoria “Viki” Fuchs is Tim’s opponent at Kitchen Impossible, and the 32-year-old looks like her younger self to Tim. “I look a little in the mirror, just without Bellerman. A very big face.”

Victoria Fox: Quests in “The Impossible Kitchen”

Not only cursing, but also cooking. And on the highest level, because the two don’t give each other anything when it comes to quests.

Tim Mälzer was sent to Paris to live with an old friend of Viktoria Fuchs: Head Chef Mélanie Serre was the head chef at the Étoile studio of Joël Robuchon, the chef of the century. Her cuisine style traverses between French bistro culture and haute cuisine. In any case, Victoria Fox firmly believes that Tim will fail the small business on the plate, but of course he sees it quite differently: “Not only am I the best Italian chef outside of Italy, but now the best French chef outside of France.”

Viktoria Fuchs is allowed to embark on a culinary journey east at the “Dim Sum House” in Hamburg. Ironically, Tim’s favorite restaurant. Can he copy this perfection and traditional style and stand up to the Cantonese jury? Even with instructions or a recipe, mixing and frying properly is a really tough challenge, so perfect for Kitchen Impossible! To convince himself of Victoria’s failure, Tim paid her a short visit in the kitchen.

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Victoria Fox must see Juan Amador

For Tim, the trip then goes to Great Britain. Well, maybe not quite. Because he was allowed to cook at the British Embassy in Berlin which is considered a British Sovereign. He’s supposed to cook up their favorite dish for the ambassador and her illustrious guests: this cheese soufflé is okay.

In beautiful Vienna, things get tough for Viki Fuchs: the original chef of the dish is none other than a former rival chef. Impossible Kitchen And a good friend of Tim Malzer – the only three-star chef in Austria: Juan Amador.

Victoria Fuchs at the Romantik Hotel Spielweg

One could say the Spielweg is a culinary celebrity. With Sabine and Carl Joseph Fox and their daughters Christine and Victoria, the fifth and sixth generation now runs the family business. Josephine Fox, the first manager and belongs to the fourth generation, lends a helping hand as well, together makes the Fox family a very popular and popular inn, the mecca of great regional enjoyment.

The family business was thrilled to take on the challenge of developing such an old home with a long history in a way that would make it a home for young and old, families and single travelers alike – and perfect it. Guests come from near and far to pamper body and soul. The hotel’s warm hospitality also includes a kitchen that inspires you.

The aromatic herbs that Sabine Fuchs grows in her own garden are an important part of Spielweg’s cuisine, and depending on the season, you can enhance what’s on the plate. Fine regional cuisine is served in the historic inn, with its Black Forest tiled stove, wall panels, and coffered ceilings. In 2016, the Fox family was honored as a happiness ambassador by the Ministry of Baden-Württemberg. The title is awarded annually to two candidates who have achieved “special achievements in the state of Baden-Württemberg Gourmet”.

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Meanwhile, daughter Victoria Fox is the manager in his kitchen. The young chef learned the culinary trade from the great Dos Steiner in Hirschen, working with Harald Russell at Landhaus St. Urban, at Le Canard Nouveau with Ali Güngörmüş in Hamburg and most recently at Luce d’Oro. Restaurant Schloss Elmau. Her kitchen, Fuchs classics like fried bread and kidney in Pommery mustard sauce are still airy on the table, but here and there you can also see how Spielweg will taste in the future.