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After the diagnosis and the cancellation of the tour: a rare photo of Celine Dion appeared

After the diagnosis and the cancellation of the tour: a rare photo of Celine Dion appeared

Since 2020 Celine Dion You suffer from health problems. The singer was diagnosed with a rare neurological condition called Stiff person syndrome. She has muscle spasms, and sometimes she has difficulty walking and singing. Only recently did she cancel all dates of her “Courage World Tour” in Europe due to health reasons. The planned tour has been pushed back to 2024. In the photo, which has now been posted online, the musician is very relaxed.

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Photo of Celine Dion after the cancellation of the tour

And she posted a picture on the Twitter account of the fans of the Spanish singer on June 13, 2023, which gave hope to many of her followers.

The Canadian singer appears in a recording studio in a rare moment. She poses without makeup and wearing a turtleneck sweatshirt with a mane while glaring at the camera. Dion wears his hair back. In short: despite the health problems, the musician in the picture makes a relaxing impression.

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It is not clear when exactly the photo was taken. This is a recent recording because it was filmed during a dubbing of Love Again, with Dion speaking the French version.

“Nice to see you,” a fan exclaims in the comments section. “I can’t wait to see the movie to catch your performance as Celine Dio,” another music icon shared.

“For now, she’s focused on her health,” an unnamed insider recently said of Dion. She herself told her fans at the end of May: “I’m working hard to get my strength back, but touring can be demanding and tough, even when you’re at 100%.”

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She still has severe muscle spasms. “These spasms interfere with my daily life,” Dion said. “Sometimes I find it very difficult to walk and I can’t always use my vocal cords as well as I want.”

All the better to see it so bright in the photo.