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The first “Tabby” exhibition with the artistic cutting machine –

The first “Tabby” exhibition with the artistic cutting machine –


It leaves its mark on buildings and streets and is therefore somewhat like a “Vienna Bank”. Now, for the first time, Viennese street artist Tapi is invited to a major solo exhibition at the Penzinger factory – with more than 120 original photographs and art shredders.

Tapi has long since made an international name for himself. Yet some still compare him to Banksy. Some of the similarities are undeniable: from the artist’s anonymity to the stencil technique to the diverse message of his works. “I show what happened in the world now and in the past. Usually with a little humor, because then you can understand better what is the point behind it,” said Tapie in the Vienna Today interview.

Photo series with 11 photos

More than 200 factories around the world

Tapi waited a long time with his first major exhibition – until he found the right venue. Old factory building in Penzing. “I started painting on the streets of Vienna – and now I wanted to show my country what I did ten years later. Not only in Vienna, but also all over the world.


In Art Shredder, which is reminiscent of Banksy, 300 original works can be destroyed

There are now over 200 works by street artists scattered around the world. “And now, for the first time, you can see all the pictures in one place. All the pictures here are originals. He’s been painting for months, so there’s something really good to look at,” Tabby said. It is probably the largest exhibition by a Viennese artist.

Street artist Tapi with the first exhibition

Viennese street artist Tapi invites you to a major solo exhibition for the first time, starting this Friday. More than 120 original photographs are on display in a former factory in Vienna’s Pinsing district.

The origin of the works is also discussed

The history of the creation of his artwork is also debated – with hundreds of photographs showing, for example, elaborate work with spray stencils. And there are installations – to join in, like a technical shredder. There are about 300 original photos. He may destroy all who come at once. The total value is around 10,000 euros and it should be very interesting.”

Pictures of creative work


Work on Works is also on display in the gallery

Visiting the exhibition is free, but pre-registration is required. This can be done online, on the artist’s home page.

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