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Xbox will launch a new developer game show on January 25, 2023

Xbox will launch a new developer game show on January 25, 2023

The Xbox Developer_Direct Games Show is said to be a new format set to launch by the end of the month, according to a report by insider Jez Corden.

Xbox fans had a tough time in 2022 as they watched major PlayStation titles get released as exclusives. But in 2023, everything will be different. At least the Xbox Insider agrees Jez Cordon Already after it was announced Xbox is a new developer display format for 2023 will bring. reason in The Game Awards 2022 Nothing visible from Xbox?

If this insider info is correct, Xbox (and PC) fans won’t have to wait any longer! red caseAnd starfieldAnd Forza Motorsport And Minecraft Legends she Xbox games for 2023 It will be presented in more detail soon.

Xbox Developer_Direct launches January 25, 2023

“I heard there’s an Xbox show on the horizon in December,” he says Jez Cordon on me Writes. He was able to interview a variety of sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans. The show will apparently be called “Developer_Direct” and will be part of Microsoft and Xbox’s new initiative to provide more information about upcoming Xbox games outside of E3 and Gamescom and co. Similar to Nintendo Direct or PlayStation State of Play.

When will the first Xbox 2023 Show be held?

According to Xbox Insider, the following date has already been reported internally at Microsoft (although dates are subject to change):

  • Date: Wednesday, January 25, 2022
  • Time: 9:00 PM (German time)
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Streaming will likely be based on the official Xbox channels Twitter And Youtube to speak.

What games are offered?

The show is hosted by Xbox and Bethesda. So we can look forward to red case (Arcana, Bethesda), Minecraft Legends And Forza Motorsport. starfield It shouldn’t be a problem at first view. According to Cordon, the role-playing game being made by Bethesda will be getting its own spin-off.

We expect Microsoft to officially announce the January 2023 Xbox Developer_Direct Show later this week. After all, you are preparing Aaron GreenbergXbox Chief Marketing Officer, has already been on Twitter before…

The year is still young, so such a show surprises already at the beginning of the year. Then again no, given that This show has been circulating like a rumor for a long time. In the program, Microsoft can also get major titles for Xbox Game Pass announce.