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Allegations against Tara Tabitha!  Take the same number with everyone.

Allegations against Tara Tabitha! Take the same number with everyone.

Tara Tabitha, 28, watches Philip Pavlovic, 27, in the jungle camp — at least that’s what it seems. Or is the influencer only hoping to broadcast with tech-mechtel?

  • Jungle Camp 2022 has started since January 21
  • The love affair between Tara and Philip is inauspicious
  • Are the feelings of the influencer real?

Tara Tabitha and Philip Pavlovic: Never go back and forth in jungle camp

For Tara Tabitha, jungle camp is an absolute challenge – and not just because of the jungle exams. Former “Ex on the Beach” co-host Philip Pavlovic has been stunned since day one at the South African camp. A true love story has not developed yet. Time and time again, Tara feels humiliated by the former Bachelorette boy for not giving her the attention she wants. Philip, on the other hand, does not understand why he is 28 years old constantly injured reaction.

The ups and downs with Tara eventually got to the point that Philip made an announcement and kept his distance. for the Austrian world collapsed

Are Tara’s feelings for Philip really real?

But not everyone buys Tara’s feelings for Philip. Natascha Ochsenknecht has already seen the reality star on other shows and now she wants to be in the jungle camp Pattern Recognition. In “The Hour After” I now explained:

She’s got the same number with every guy, (…) that’s the norm with her. She does this all the time.

Natasha thinks Philip is the perfect candidate for Tara to deceive her. “He doesn’t even notice how you feel. He thinks she likes him.”Her rule was devastating.

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On the other hand, Alex Dam, Tara’s best friend, doesn’t want to know anything about the wrong game.

No, this is not a show – this is not played!,

He made it clear in the presentation. Although he is currently unable to communicate with the influencer, he is sure that she is serious intentions With a former “Bachelor in Heaven” contestant. “I think she already has feelings for him.”Alex confirmed. After all, Tara is actually an independent woman, he doesn’t know his girlfriend is clingy as he is in camp. But he doesn’t seem to believe in a happy ending either. He described the relationship between Tara and Philip as ping pong game.

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