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Allegro Vivo – Concert at Weitra Castle: “The Waldviertel is a music district”

Allegro Vivo – Concert at Weitra Castle: “The Waldviertel is a music district”

The musicians brought to the stage three works from three centuries: the Concerto in E major BWV1042 by Johann Sebastian Bach, the “Exsultate, Jubilate” in C major KV 165 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the String Quintet in F major by Anton Bruckner. As an introduction to the evening, Nikolaus Straka provided information about the artists and their works to interested concert-goers in the beautiful setting of the Castle Theater – as well as the famous adage “Art and culture are the elixir of life for our lives”.

That evening, visitors were able to indulge in this elixir of life in the castle’s roofed courtyard – as if they were under the “canopy of heaven”, which was the equivalent of the sophisticated construction above the public in the courtyard, the Allegro Vivo placed on it. The members of the “Academia Allegro Vivo” ensemble under the artistic direction of Wahid Khadem Misagh impressed with the highest levels of artistic quality, as did Khadem Misagh himself as conductor and violin soloist, and soprano Miriam Kotterwatz shone with her expressive voice in Mozart’s “Ecstasy.” “Cheer up.”

The applause at the end of the ceremony was endless. Servant-Message: “Allegro Vivo and Waldviertel belong together, Waldviertel is a musical district.” At the end of the evening, the orchestra offered a musical tribute and a look at next year’s Allegro Vivo, where they will devote themselves to the Czech Republic artistically – with one piece by Antonin Dvořák.