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German Acting Award to Gerhard Lippmann from Graz

German Acting Award to Gerhard Lippmann from Graz

He hasn’t made it to Hollywood yet, and that’s not necessarily his goal, but in Germany too he is now recognized as one of the great on- and off-screen mutants: Gerhard Lippmann from Graz took home the German Acting Award last night in Berlin, excellent. The actor, who lives on a farm in Styria, was nominated for his performance in the drama “Eismayer” based on true events, in which he plays a deputy lieutenant considered the most powerful instructor in the Austrian army, who falls in love with a woman. Young soldier. Liebmann had already won the award in the “Best Actor” category at the Austrian Film Awards in June.

Lippmann himself was a “civil servant by conviction.” “At first, the harsh language in particular was a real shock. I’m very different and I’ve never played this type of person before. Liebman admitted in an interview when the film opened in October 2022 that it “stands out among my filmography.” So he found his own way to get to the core of the character.

A scene from “Esmer” with Liebman as the title character
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The 53-year-old actor currently stands in front of the camera in two ORF productions: in the film adaptation of “Headscarf Mafia” based on Thomas Stepsett’s best-selling book of the same name, and in the humorous crime series “The Cases of Gerti B”. . The modest artist is no stranger to recognition: in 2014 he won the Austrian Film Prize and the Diagonale Acting Prize for his role in Marvin Crane’s film “Blutgletscher.” He began his career on stage (Landestheater Linz, Next Liberty and Schauspielhaus Graz), and received much attention as a lovelorn police officer in the rural Carinthian crime thriller “If You Knew How Beautiful It Is Here” (2015, ORF, ZDF and Arte) – this led to His first nomination for the Romy Award and also for the German Acting Award.

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