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Almost a thousand flights have been canceled due to the strike in Italy

Almost a thousand flights have been canceled due to the strike in Italy

Nearly a thousand flights were canceled during the nationwide air traffic strike in Italy on Saturday. The unions calling for the strike also reported that nearly 100 percent of the workers took part in the strike, the ANSA news agency reported on Sunday. The ground crew at airports, who are responsible for handling and check-in services, among other things, have gone on strike.

According to the information, several hundred flights have been canceled at the main Italian airports in Rome, Milan, Naples and Venice alone. About 250,000 passengers were affected. ANSA reports that Codacons is assuming millions in damages due to failures and delays.

The strike also became an obstacle for travelers from Austria. Ten flights – six incoming and four departing – have been cancelled, a spokesman for Vienna Airport told APA over the weekend. The destinations affected were Bologna, Venice, Florence and Milan.

In addition to ground staff, pilots of Air Malta, who operate Ryanair flights in Italy, and pilots and flight attendants of the low-cost airline Vueling, have gone on strike. After Thursday’s train strike, it was the second major strike in Italy that led to major problems for public transport. The strikes hit the Mediterranean country in the middle of the peak tourist season and during a heat wave as temperatures soared.

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