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Nadine Keitel and Patrick Klein are new employee managers at Tietoevry Austria

Nadine Keitel and Patrick Klein are new employee managers at Tietoevry Austria

Nadine Keitel and Patrick Klein are new employee managers at Tietoevry Austria

Nadine Keitel and Patrick Klein, people managers at Tietoevry Austria

Vienna (A) Nadine Keitel from Steyr (Upper Austria) and Patrick Klein from Gänserndorf (Lower Austria) take on key new roles as people managers at Tietoevry Austria, the Austrian subsidiary of Northern Europe’s largest IT services provider.

Nadine Keitel has been working as a SAP Solutions Consultant in Tietoevry Austria since 2020 and will take on the new role of People Manager with immediate effect. The IT service provider deliberately abandons traditional hierarchies and relies on an agile organization based on the concept of “leadership as a service”: the company’s eight managers are not only line managers and direct contacts, but also serve as mentors and important coaches for around 300 employees in Vienna, Linz, Graz and Zurich.

“I am very excited about the opportunity to use my skills and experience in a new role. As a people manager, I can help our employees in the best possible way to develop their full potential at their own risk. The flat hierarchy and family atmosphere make it easy to support your colleagues in all matters,” says Keitel. .

The 29-year-old grew up in Scheringing (Upper Austria), and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics with concentrations in Production and Logistics Management, Strategic Management and International Marketing at Johannes Kepler-University Linz. She then obtained a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Supply Chain Management at Steyr University of Applied Sciences. Kittl has many years of international experience as a sub-project manager in the field of logistics and extensive expert knowledge in implementing logistics operations in various SAP units.

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Mediators between teams and departments
Patrick Klein has been working as a Senior Software Consultant at Tietoevry Austria since 2021 and is also the new People Manager with immediate effect: “People managers act as intermediaries between different project teams and departments. Here I can very well use my determination, practical mindset and results orientation, so that my colleagues can develop more and achieve Optimum performance. I am very pleased that I can now take on more responsibility and actively support my colleagues, ”says Klein.

The 34-year-old Gänserndorfer (Lower Austria) completed his HTL at the Vienna TGM in Industrial Engineering with an emphasis on Business IT. He then obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Informatics with a concentration in IT Security from the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien, where he also obtained a Master’s degree in “Information Management and Computer Security” and “Software Development”. He has over 15 years of IT experience and extensive knowledge in a variety of approaches and software technologies.

More employee satisfaction
Robert Kaup, Managing Director of Tietoevry Austria, is convinced of the impact of the people manager concept: “Through their proactive and supportive role, they help promote collaboration, improve communication channels and identify problems at an early stage. They act as a link between the company’s strategic goals and the individual needs of our employees. The people manager concept is Now a proven guarantee of increased employee satisfaction.”

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