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“Alpin Resort Sacher” has a new chef

“Alpin Resort Sacher” has a new chef

kitchen Alpine Sacher Resort Featuring Tyrolean fine dining Where regionalism has its place as well as innovation and modernity. There is now a change in the top cooking at home: Kay Kupferley He has been working at Alpin Resort Sacher Seefeld-Tirol since summer 2022 and is now in the process of solving the problem Benedict Jacob Executive Chef.

Culinary experiments are at the “Der Max” restaurant. It is served not only to hotel guests of the Alpin Resort Sacher, but also to order. the restaurant”maximumBy the way, «is the only award-winning restaurant in Seefeld with a fine dining menu – if you book in advance.

cooking fun

Previously in Starred Restaurants »wolf cave“In Friborg and”to the lionHe works for Markus in Eggenstein, Baden. Right before his engagement at the Alpin Resort Sacher, Taha Kai Küpferle as Assistant Chef at »Kranzbach“At Cress, the graduate hotel manager trained as a head chef.

Kai Küpferle brings his curiosity, but above all through his curiosity cooking fun And create new and interesting aspects in our kitchen. He shares his passion for the region and our old partners from the region with us,” says Anton Gustav Birnbaum, General Manager.

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