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Also with us: Time Pillow – a special model for special times

Also with us: Time Pillow – a special model for special times

Pillow time is a model of care that provides a good framework for volunteerism. In order to cover the required care needs, there is an urgent need for assistants.

This has been supporting this since the beginning of the year Buffer time team in the western low mountain range People in need of care It has already recruited ten paraprofessionals. It reduces the burden on relatives, the elderly and families who are exposed to stress in daily life.


By providing support with housework, gardening, shopping, errands, recreational activities and more, they contribute to a better quality of life.
“The thing about the time cushion model is that assistants save the hours they worked later and can get them back when they need them,” White says. Ines Pimboldt From the Time Cushion Western Low Mountains team.

Social Service

Committed people are passionate not only about the model of care, but also about their work with the people they care for. Burkhard Sen He is one of those who put themselves at the service of a good cause: “Before I retired, I worked at LKH in Naters. Now that I'm retired, I can use the time for social work. It gives me a lot of things.” Joy and fun when I can relieve and help my relatives.” Also Karen Enemuser She explains that she feels needed even in retirement. “You get a lot in return from the people you support. I look forward to every mission.”

Mutual trust

Ines Pimboldt Convinced: “Personal relationships built through activity and mutual trust make you happy. What I like is that you can help but you don't have to do it. You can decide for yourself which person you want to support – and well, each person you need to take care of can decide for themselves Who wants to get help from him!”

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Assistants needed urgently

Anyone thinking about expanding their caregiving reach for seniors and families in the western lowland mountain ranges could be in the right place with Zeitkissen. True to the motto “Today I will help – tomorrow I will help!”
All information about the project Give it up Or come to the Assistants' Meeting on January 24, 2024 from 4pm to 7pm in the Axams Multi-Purpose Hall. More information is also available via email [email protected] Or by phone at 066488720751 available.

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