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America and China: Between rapprochement and distance

America and China: Between rapprochement and distance

Geopolitics. After years of ice age, there is a reluctant political rapprochement between the US and China. However, economic disruption is slowly progressing.

Vienna/Beijing. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has already made an appointment, as has US billionaire Bill Gates. Now it’s US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s turn for a four-day visit to one of its most important trading partners. As is well known, the relationship between the US and China is not in the best shape, but something like a thaw seems to be on the cards at the moment. The trip to Beijing put relations between the U.S. and China “in a much safer position,” Yellen said, following her decision to stay in the People’s Republic. The 76-year-old described the talks with the Chinese as direct and productive. He stressed the duty of both countries to manage their relationship responsibly. China assessed Yellen’s visit as constructive, serious and open.

This cannot hide the fact that the two economies are still embroiled in a trade conflict that will not be resolved anytime soon. That is why the finance minister warned that the two countries must find a way to “co-exist and share global prosperity”.

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