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Andreas Gaballier: Do you like the former chief of staff of Chancellor Kurz?

Finally: After two years of abstaining from love, Andreas Gaballier’s heart seems to have caught fire once again. The subject of longing: Aussie’s former chief of staff, Counsellor Kurz. But the two seem to have known each other before…

Andreas Gaballier: A girl from school?

Lisa Wiesner is the director of the office of former Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. But that’s not all: “Folks Rock n Roller” and the office manager already know each other from school and have been good friends for a long time. According to the news portal “OE24”, there are rumors that both were seen together in Graz and the surrounding area. Add to that the vitriolic detail that Gaballier’s old-school girlfriend is said to have just broken up. Should you start the rumor mill here?

Andreas Gaballier: I would love to fall in love again

In any case, the management of Gabalier firmly rejected a request from RTL whether they are now a married couple. But it would be fitting, because the pop star has been celibate since 2019. In any case, the 37-year-old doesn’t seem to have fallen for the ‘bachelorette blues’ just yet. According to “BUNTE”, he has been enjoying life to the full for the past two years, among other things, swinging on the dance floor with “Dancing Stars”, the Austrian version of “Let’s Dance”. But he could not hide from the “BUNTE” editorial team that a romantic heart was beating under the strong shell of a folk rock musician. Because Gaballier admitted in a 2020 phone interview: “I really want to fall in love again.”

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