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Android: Check your phone for Project Treble support — here’s how

Android: Check your phone for Project Treble support — here’s how

How do I root my smartphone?

Android phones that support Project Treble make it easy to install so-called custom ROMs. How to find out if your phone supports Project Treble.

Project Treble is one of the files google With Android 8.0 I gradually introduced a modular system Android updates. Instead of releasing Android versions that are perfectly adapted to specific device types, Project Treble runs Android in a modular way in two parts.

Google provides hardware independent software and provides manufacturers with a customized update package for the device. Both sub-domains can be updated independently of each other, which greatly speeds up the distribution of new software versions This also makes smartphones more secure Energy.

So called custom ROMs or Android mods with modded Android versions are now mostly based on Project Treble and only adapted to device-independent areas of the system.

If you want to install custom ROM based on Project Treble, you should check if your phone supports Project Treble. The following steps explain how you can verify compatibility with Project Treble.

If you plan to To root the smartphone And you’re not familiar with it yet, our linked guide is a good starting point for the topic.

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