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European Film Awards - European Film Awards: Best Actress, Vicky Krebs

European Film Awards – European Film Awards: Best Actress, Vicky Krebs

In the end, Ruben Ostlund triumphs: “Triangle of Sorrow,” winner of the Palme d’Or at Cannes in May, hits the top spot at the 35th European Film Awards and was voted Best Film 2022 – Austrian Marie Kreutzer was also nominated and came away empty-handed. With her film “Corsage” – also in the “Best Director” category, where “Triangle of Sorrow” also succeeded – Östlund won her second award that evening.

At least there was an award for actresses in Austria: Luxembourgish actress Vicky Krebs won the Empress Sissy Award in Kreutzer’s Corsage. Krieps, who was converted due to illness, prevailed against strong competitors such as Penélope Cruz and Léa Seydoux.

Östlund also scored points in the men’s category: at the gala ceremony in Iceland’s capital Reykjavík, Zlatko Boric won the fourth trophy for the film “Triangle of Sorrow”, which had previously also received the Film Award for Best Screenplay for Ruben Östlund.

From an Austrian point of view, Vienna’s Cordouin-Job went with her first feature film “Sonne”, honored at the Berlinale, empty-handed in the Young Hopes category. “I’m a very realist. The question of winning an award often depends on momentum and chance,” the director has already shown reluctance to the American Psychological Association (APA) beforehand. Also in the short film category, Vienna-based director Mo Hraoui did not receive an award for his German-Austrian-Somali co-production Will My Parents Come to See Me.

The creators of the Spanish production “The Good Boss” were a little surprised by this honor as Best Comedy. “It’s actually a drama,” producer Jaume Roures confirmed in his acceptance speech. Director Fernando Leon de Aranoa apologized: “They gave the award to what are probably the two most dangerous people in this room.” The great Italian director Marco Bellocchio was also stunned by the award for “innovative storytelling,” as he emphasized in his speech, delivered in Italian (“Italian is a beautiful language!”): “I’m old. You usually get this honor. It’s not my age anymore.”

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The 4,400 members of the European Film Academy make decisions about the awards. Last year the award ceremony was held virtually due to Covid. We have now returned to the usual rhythm, according to which the European Film Prize is awarded annually, alternating in Berlin and then in another European city.