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'Handmaid's Tale' star Elisabeth Moss: How Scientology affects her role choices

‘Handmaid’s Tale’ star Elisabeth Moss: How Scientology affects her role choices

How Scientology Influences Moss’ Role Choices

The actress also explained how her fondness for roles that deal with trauma is consistent with her religion. “Well, I think it has more to do with those traumatic incidents or those moments of pain, whether it’s emotional or physical, that keep you from being who you are,” she said.

As she got older, Scientology also helped her communicate better. “Connection is clearly something I use a lot, not only in my job but also in my personal relationships,” Moss said. “This is probably one of the number 1 essential things I’ve learned that I use and use every day: the ability to listen to someone, make them feel heard, and not blame them for what they are, think, or believe to belittle them—even if I You think it’s wrong.”

Elisabeth Moss on Lea Remini

Elizabeth Moss also addressed rumors that she left the room at an awards show in 2017 where she was a former critic of Scientology and the religious community. Leah Remini for their documentaries on anti-Scientology. “I went to the bathroom,” Moss explained. “I wish it was more exciting than that.”

Among other things, Remini claims the Church forbade Moss from speaking to her, but Moss claims she was never approached by the “King of Queens” star. “I didn’t get a request to talk to her, so there was no reason for her to say it. I don’t know her very well, so it’s not like we’re friends,” Moss defended New Yorker.