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ATB Spielberg renovation completed

ATB Spielberg renovation completed


According to its broadcast on Monday, ATB Spielberg GmbH has completed its restructuring and has fulfilled its restructuring plan at a rate of 30 percent. All creditors have been paid. Of the about 400 jobs, about 45 ultimately remain.

The employees mainly work in the areas of sales, research and development, and management. Motors discontinued for home and garden applications.

long time ago

According to the company, the pandemic has caused production difficulty and a backlog of orders. So that should be followed by about 360 layoffs, it was said at the end of July 2020. They wanted to move engine production to other locations overseas. A few days later, a restructuring procedure with self-management was applied. Assets of about 26 million euros are said to have been netted against liabilities of about 28.3 million euros, resulting in an over-indebtedness of about 2.3 million euros. Finally, a discussion erupted about dismantling the machine park. The court agreed that the machines may go to other sites of China’s Wolong Group – more on this in One year after ATB went bankrupt: there is still a lot out of work (28.7.2201).

The development center will be expanded

Paul Kochinka, Managing Director of ATB Spielberg announced Monday: “With our highly qualified workforce and well-connected location, Spielberg is the ideal hub for our development center, which we will continue to expand here over the next few years.”

The restructuring phase was used “to further develop the ATB business in Spielberg”: “The site will not only be maintained as such, but will also become a research and development center throughout Europe for the Wolong Group. Currently about 25 specialized and expert workers are employed in this area, and should That number will increase over the next few years.”

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