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Audition for the Vienna Opera Ball 2024: The left-handed waltz had to be performed

Audition for the Vienna Opera Ball 2024: The left-handed waltz had to be performed

Pure excitement among several new “I hope” couples on Saturday at the Vienna State Opera. There was a big test for the Vienna Opera’s 2024 gala (On February 8, 2024) loader.

However, for the 150 places, almost twice as many candidates dared to try the difficult left waltz. (In the left waltz, the third waltz step means crossing the feet – not closing).

Included Maximilian Rosamson Falstaff editor Wolfgang Rosam. “I was a guest at the opera last year and I went to school in England. When all my colleagues in London saw the pictures, they were jealous of this tradition. It only happens once in the world,” he said.

“After that I was really proud and I will be really happy to be there. I hope the many dance lessons will be worth it. I’m a little nervous,” he said.

together with Charlotte RittbauerDaughter of major restaurant owners Birgitte And Heinz Rittbauer, He tried his luck at the opera party. “I’ve been training since May and every time I do I feel more confident, but of course I’m nervous,” says Charlotte. “But the joy is more than that.”

Speaking of stress, this was also a beginner who lost her shoe while spinning, but then was able to quickly make up for it with an extra spin and a neat bow.

“You can see that the couples are very well prepared. The level is really very high. Of course, some come here and don’t succeed, so unfortunately a certain level of rigor has to be shown,” the choreographer said. Maria Santner.

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also Lorenz Ritbauer She danced in front of him – at his parents’ request, he said. “We have been practicing the left waltz a lot, and we hope my partner will do the same Paula Rajkowski And I can convince the jury today!” He wants to make his parents proud.

Couples who made it or unfortunately didn’t will be announced in mid-November.