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Tribute to Gerd Kohr  sa |  21 10 2023 |  1:00 pm

Tribute to Gerd Kohr sa | 21 10 2023 | 1:00 pm

The weekend celebrates with Gerd Kohr, Lester Bowie, Perrotin, Mélodie Jardot, Elisabeth Harnick, Frank Zappa, William Byrd and many more.

There is something very special to celebrate, for the extended weekend family, in which we are generously joining the prize winner, but also for the entire Austrian music scene and indeed for everyone.
As we have sometimes done over the past decade or so, we throw ourselves into a big celebration with trumpeter Lester Bowie and his friends. “It’s hello time!”

It’s about something that appears to be as supportive of the state as it is supposed to be: the “Grand Austrian State Prize”, which composer Gerd Kohr is receiving this year. It is the highest cultural award in the Republic, as it is officially said, and it is awarded once a year in the fields of architecture, fine arts, literature and music without a fixed rotation principle. Previous music award winners include Piet Führer, Olga Neuwirth, Thomas Larcher, and Georg Friedrich Hasse; In previous years, this state award was also received by Kurt Schwierczyk, Heinz-Karl Gruber, and Friedrich Serha, who died this spring.

In October 223, it was announced that Gerd Kohr is now also part of this illustrious circle, and we want to celebrate that, in Kohr style of course, that is to say: with an exceptional wealth of connections. What is meant here are the very explicit references that State Prize laureate Gerd Kohr always makes to other people’s music, which the inquisitive Mr. Kohr sees with great fondness throughout his life.
Gerd Kohr has always dealt with this very clearly, right down to the titles of the pieces. For example, Gerd Kohr composed a ten-minute series of “Six Homages” for six fellow composers in the 1990s for chamber ensemble. William Byrd and Johann Sebastian Bach now meet Giacinto Chelsea and Hans-Werner Henze, and Alban Berg and Franz Schubert from Vienna are also there.

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Elke Tschaikner and Christian Scheib hope they can bring a little joy to curious music geek Gerd Kühr with a bouquet of musical surprises this weekend.



  • Elke Chaickner

  • Christian Shuaib


Composer/Composer: Edward Kane
Album: The Great Model
Title: It’s time to say hello/instr.
Soloist: Lester Bowie/trumpet with accompaniment.
Performer: Donald Smith / piano, organ
Performer/Performer: Fred Williams/Bass, Electric Bass
Performer/Performer: Philip Wilson/drums
Performer(s): Lester Bowie / October 11, 1941 Frederick, Maryland – November 8, 1999 New York
Duration: 02:10 minutes
Nomenclature: ECM 8293692

Composer: Gerd Kohr
Album: Styrian Tiger
Title: National Anthem of Styria
Subtitle: Soundtrack for the eight-part TV series
Performers: Styrian musicians
Duration: 01:20 minutes
Label: Manos

Composer/Composer: Tom Waits
Title: Just another sucker on the vine/instr.
Performance: Tom Waits / Musical Instrumentation
Duration: 01:46 minutes
Tag: Iceland 8424692 *

Composer: Gerd Kohr, born 1952 in Lugau, Carinthia
General title: Salzburg Festival 2000/Next Generation No. 2
Title: Sei omaggi for clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, violin, cello, piano and drums
Six compliments
Who is this:
* Johann Sebastian Bach
Implementers: Klangforum Vienna
Management: Emilio Pomarico
Duration: 02:00 minutes
Poster: Durand CD rental material (TD50/298)

Composer/Composer: Harold Arlen
Lyricist, text source: Edgar “Yip” Harburg
Album: Live in Europe
Title: Over the Rainbow / From the movie “The Wizard of Oz””The Magical Land”
Soloist: Melody Gardot / vocals
Soloist: Stefan Braun / cello
Duration: 05:06 minutes
Label: Decca/Universal 5765488 (2 CDs)

Composer: PEROTIN //circa 1170 in Aquitaine? – August 22, 1246 Paris
Arranger: Chronos Quartet/Arrangement
Composer: Berutin / ca. 1170 – 1246
Title: Viderunt omnes – for string quartet (excerpt)
Cast: Kronos Quartet
Performer/performer: David Harrington/violin
Performer/performer: John Sherpa/violin
Performer/Performer: Hank Dutt/Viola
Performer/performer: Joan Jeanrino/Violoncello
Duration: 03:30 minutes
Label: none/WEA 7559794572

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Composer: Hans Werner Henze/1926-2012
Title: First String Quartet
* Presto – Fourth Movement (00:03:32)
Quartet for 2 violins, viola and cello
Performers: Arditi String Band
Performer/performer: Irvin Arditti/violin
Performer/performer: Alexandre Balanescu/violin
Performer/Performer: Levin Andrade/Viola
Performer/performer: Rohan de Saram/cello
Duration: 03:41 minutes
Brand: Wergo 60111450

Composer/Composer: Elizabeth Harnick
KM: New Piano Music Days 2021
Title: Sea of ​​Peaks
Soloist: Stipe Bilić / piano
Duration: 01:41 minutes
Label: Manus, International Edition, Zeitvertrieb Edition

Composer: Frank Zappa/1940 – 1993
Album: Lamy’s Broth
Title: Part One (excerpts)
Soloist: Frank Zappa / vocals, spoken word, guitar with accompaniment.
Performers: The Abnucleals Emuukha Electric Symphony Orchestra and Choir and Chorus/Instruments
Commander: Sid Sharp
Duration: 03:43 minutes
Tag: Universal/Zappa Rec.0238362

Composer: Gerd Kohr
Album: 102 pieces of art – miniatures FD ORF RADIO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA VIENNA
Title: Sound clips for a large orchestra
Orchestra: ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra of Vienna
Management: Gerd Kohr
Duration: 00:59 minutes
Label: Capriccio 5051 (2 CD) / ORF recording

Composer: William Byrd/ca. 1539 or 1540 – 1623
Album: Glenn Gould Edition
Title: Salesman’s Tour – for piano
Soloist: Glenn Gould/piano
Duration: 05:47 minutes
Brand: Sony SMK 52589

Composer: Franz Schubert //1797-1828
Composer: Gerd Kohr // Born. 1952
Title: No. 1 Allegro assai / from Three Piano Pieces, D. 946 (excerpt)
Title: Intermezzo I / From “Two Interludes to Schubert’s Three Piano Pieces” (00:03:48)
Title: Allegretto No. 2 / from Three Piano Pieces, D. 946 (excerpt)
Soloist: Markus Schirmer/piano
Duration: 08:00 minutes
Label: Henley (Schubert), Manus (Kohr)

Composer: Gerd Kohr/born. 1952
KM: Music Protocol 2022 – Zeitfloss Band
Title: No Victory in the End / UA
Subtitles: for the Instrumental Ensemble (2022)
Performers: Zeitfloss Band
Conductor: Edo Mesic / Conductor
Duration: 01:44 minutes
Label: Gerd Kohr Self-published

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