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Aufrug – Find photos and videos of musicians from Oberrabnitz

Aufrug – Find photos and videos of musicians from Oberrabnitz

Josef Geminer from Oberrabnitz has made it his mission to preserve the memory of the musical formations from his hometown. “I would like to collect everything imaginable, summarize it for posterity and publish it,” says Gmeiner. That’s why he searches for photos and videos as well as stories and stories about the collections “Tanzkabel Oberrabnitz”, “Oberrabnitzer Musicanten”, “Musicgroup Oberrabnitz”, “Happy Sound Combo”, “Fantasy”, “Wear Zoo” and “Old Fantasy”. It was not uncommon for musicians to take pictures themselves or to record their performances on tape or video. But at least someone in the audience always takes a picture. Later, professionals were often hired for photos and videos. And that’s where I want to start,” says Geminer.

Call “browse” documents

If a deck is involved by parents, neighbors or friends, it asks them to dig around a bit. “If you have any documents of any kind please contact me. I am happy to pick up things and scan photos or transfer videos and return everything right away. You can shoot old photos yourself and send them via Whats app, but I prefer emailing them. Of course, it would be It’s helpful to get a little hint about where and when the recordings were made. I’m also particularly happy with accounts, stories and anecdotes about a musical group from the past five decades or even earlier,” Joseph Gmeiner continues. He can be contacted at 0664/4883613 or by e-mail at [email protected].

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