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Folklore Society – Graničari from Nikitsch commemorated half a tour

Folklore Society – Graničari from Nikitsch commemorated half a tour

Celebrate Granicari’s 65th Anniversary. Alexandra Farkas, Catherine Vaskas, President Sara Tomcic, Florian Socets, Florian Farkas, Bernadette Jesch, Daniela Palatine Janik, Sara Matejic, Jacob, Simon Marco, David, Daniel, Verena Varga and Kathy Weidinger. Photo: Tech

BVZ, Sarah Tish

DrGranicari celebrated his 65th birthday by the church for two days over the weekend.

On the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the folklore group Graničari, a rock-pop festival was held next to the church on Saturday. The guests were “Zeljko Bebek” and “Schunovsky Pechary”. On Sunday we continued the traditional folklore art in the afternoon. Entertainment was provided by “HKUD Prigorec Markuševec”, “Hatsko Kolo Novo Selo” and former and current members of Graničari. In the evening we celebrated to the music of “Koprev”.

“For Nikić, Graničari is an important cultural pillar that cultivates traditional dances and songs as well as Burgenland-Croatian traditions. We are also an association that connects people of all generations. The most important thing for us is to preserve the Burgenland-Croatian language,” says committee chairwoman Sarah Tomcic.

Musicologist Slavko Janković spent three weeks in Burgenland in 1958 at the invitation of the Croatian Cultural Society HKD and taught tambura in several primary schools. This was the foundation that was carried on by Nikić’s teachers. Finally, in 1962, Tamburizza “Mladost” was founded, which was expanded to a dance group six years later. Gradually the folklore association “Graničari” was formed.

This currently consists of 20 tambura players and 25 dancers. Young people are especially important to committee chairwoman Sarah Tomšić: “I am happy and grateful that we have a group of young tambura players and dancers, led by Vera Mikas, Julia Gregoric and Magdalena Tomšić. It is important for me to integrate young people into the club as soon as possible.” In addition to performances in the community and beyond, the Ball at the beginning of the year, the Kirtag event in August and the Advent party are also fixed points in the Graničari year.

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