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LOST IN GREY: The third trailer for the album "Under the Surface" is released online!

LOST IN GREY: The third trailer for the album “Under the Surface” is released online!

Finnish theater metal group LOST IN GRAY has announced the release of their third studio album “Under the Surface” on July 2nd via Reaper Entertainment. The band is now presenting the third trailer for the album on YouTube where Ann Lil Rajala (vocals) and Harry Koskella (vocals, keyboards, composer) provide insight into the production and recordings of the new album.

You can see the video here:

The first and second trailers can be viewed here:

Part 1:

Part 2:

The band has already released their first digital single “Soufriere” and second single “Waves” from the new album.

Soufriere’s official music video can be found here:

You can watch the official music video for “Waves” here:

“Under the Surface” is now available Can be pre-ordered!

In recent years, the pioneers of Theatrical Metal have proven to be one of the most promising and inspiring acts on the Finnish metal scene, thrilling their audience with their diverse musical storytelling and powerful sound. NOW LOST IN GRAY invites you to dive into “Under the Surface” with them, where music and stories dance side by side and anything is possible. Get ready to ride a twisty rollercoaster through storms and tides – flavored with a few sparks of stardust.

The album was produced and recorded by Harri Koskela / Gray Realm Studio, mixed by Juhis Kauppinen / Shedstudios and mastered by Daniel Hagström / Finnvox. The band also unveiled a new album cover designed by Miika Haavisto.

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The song list reads as follows:

01. I

02. Disobedience

03. Waves

04. Shine

05. Shadow

06. Suffering

07. Stardust – I. Race

08. Stardust – II. sand castles

09. Stardust – III. the abyss