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Austria Email Electric Hot Water Tank EWH Digital

Austria Email Electric Hot Water Tank EWH Digital

The EWH Digital smart electric hot water tank impresses with its technical standpoint and practical trade-in advantages:

  • The EWH Digital kettle – an enameled steel kettle – is available in four sizes of 80, 100, 120 and 150 litres.
  • The maximum operating pressure is 6 bar, and the device is also equipped with a magnesium anode.
  • The thermostat has five selectable operating temperatures with a safe temperature limiter for all electrodes.
  • The standard AE dimensions installed allow for easy and quick replacement, especially during renovation, as the device can be fixed 1:1 to an existing wall bracket. Easy installation and maintenance of the heating element can be ensured without emptying the storage tank.

Consumers benefit from the benefits of smart EWH Digital as follows:

  • The electronic control adapts to the consumer’s habits and thus ensures affordable and energy-efficient hot water preparation. This has a positive impact on energy consumption and operating costs.
  • The innovative dry heater protects the heating element from corrosive water and direct contact with limescale.

About product video:

Information about the Austria Email AG group and its financing She is on Sum it up.

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