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Back to training |  ÖFB soldier Stefan Leiner won the battle against cancer

Back to training | ÖFB soldier Stefan Leiner won the battle against cancer

Good news comes from Mönchengladbach this week. Because Borussia announced on Monday that ÖFB player Stefan Lainer will return to training with the “Colts”. In July, the Austrian was diagnosed with lymph node cancer, and Leiner spent the following months undergoing treatment.

The final examination showed that the disease was treatable. “We are very happy and relieved that Stevie Lainer has won the battle against this disease. This victory makes us very happy. We are happy for Stevie and his family,” explains Roland Verkus, Borussia sporting director. “The fact that he is now part of the team once again Other and seeing other children regularly is an important step for the future. At the same time, we are giving him the time he needs to fully return.”

The 31-year-old right-back is also looking forward to playing professionally again. “I’m really happy that I can fully focus on football again and train with the team,” says Stefan Leiner. “The last few weeks and months have been very challenging. I am very grateful to have received so much support from family, friends, the club and the fans during this time. It has all given me strength. I would especially like to thank my wife and Dr. Sillman, who have been the most important people who have supported me during this time.

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