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6:0 – A clear rise to the quarter-finals of the cup

6:0 – A clear rise to the quarter-finals of the cup

Stefan Kenesi’s side were very dominant from the start and showed clear superiority on the pitch. The Violets set the tone early and after a briefly saved corner kick, Dominik Bruijnberg made it 1-0 (4th place). Young Alyssa Zelekina had two excellent chances before Bruinenberg made it 2-0 after a tackle over Lena Trendel and another ball blocked by the goalkeeper (11th position). Opponents tried to respond with compact block and aggressive defence.

Everything is clear at the break

A perfect pass from Lea Mauly through the opposition lines enabled Ziletkina to run towards goal on her own – and she could only be stopped by a foul in the penalty area. Captain Verena Volkmer coolly converted the penalty kick to make it 3-0 (17). After just 17 minutes, the route was set for the climb.

In the 38th minute, Trendel pushed the ball over the goal line after a wonderful combination between Jacqueline Hajek and Volkmir, making the score 4-0 (38). Shortly afterwards, Volkmer left an opponent standing, passed the ball from the right side into the middle and Zelikina headed in to make it 5-0 (41st place).

Confident promotion to the next round

We entered the end of the first half with a comfortable lead, when Cynthia Adamo replaced Zheltkina and gave new momentum to the attacking game. A beautiful combination on the right flank enabled Hajek to serve her captain perfectly and Volkmer raised the score to 6-0 (54).

In the 56th minute, academy players such as Sophie Rabf, Vanessa Šabanović and Antea Patarello replaced Katarina Schechtel, Volkmer and Trindl and created several scoring chances. The seventh strike was in the air, but it did not fall. In the 71st minute, Emma Eichberger celebrated her competitive debut in goal three days before her 17th birthday and left nothing to be desired in the remaining minutes, and with a clear 6-0 win, the Violets qualified for the next round of the cup.

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Stefan Kenesi: “I am very satisfied with the development in the last few weeks. We performed very well again today and left no doubt about which team will qualify for the quarter-finals!”

Carinthians Hornets – Austria Vienna 0:6 (0:5)

Austria: Hinterberger (Eschberger No. 71) – Schoorn, Schechtel (Rapf No. 56), Wolkart – Hajek, Muhle, Wilharter, Trindl (Patarello No. 56) – Volkmer (Šabanović No. 56), Bruinenberg, Želikina (Adamo No. 46).

Gates: Bruijnenberg (4th, 11th), Volkmer (17th, 54th), Trindl (38th), Zheltkina (41st)

yellow: Mayer (16th); Molly (83.)

Referee Michael Moser; Goldeckstadion Spittal, 130 spectators