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Barrymore on ‘Ghosting’: ‘It’s weird that someone would do that’

Barrymore on ‘Ghosting’: ‘It’s weird that someone would do that’

American actress Drew Barrymore (“Charlie’s Angels”) talks about the uncomfortable aspects of dating. “It’s unbelievable how painful ghosting is,” the 47-year-old told People magazine about her experience with the other person out of the blue. “For anyone who’s been ghosted and feels like wildfire has engulfed their body, I can totally understand that.”

Barrymore said it was strange for a human being to act this way. The term “ghosting” describes the phenomenon of people you’re dating disappearing into thin air like ghosts — all calls and messages suddenly going unanswered. According to psychologists, “ghosts” are often afraid of the direct confrontation or commitment that a partnership entails.

Barrymore said she’s also been on dates that she regretted from the start. “God,” she asked herself, “why did I say yes to this dinner? Why don’t I realize: don’t make dinner.” The actress, who has two daughters and has hosted her own talk show since 2020, said it’s hard to sit down with someone else when you only have a few nights off to yourself. “That alone takes away your desire to date.”

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