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Battlefield 2042 - Lead developer in fan review: "We hear you"

Battlefield 2042 – Lead developer in fan review: “We hear you”

What Cyberpunk 2077 is for the end of 2020, Battlefield 2042 is for the final weeks of 2021: an absolute launch disaster. With player numbers dropping and fans ignoring frustration, DICE and EA are trying to limit the damage. Right in front is new lead developer Marcus Leto, who previously made a major contribution to the Halo series. Lehto recently responded to community criticism of Battlefield 2042’s status on Twitter — and his comments may be a small silver lining on the horizon.

Lehto wants to “make things right”

For example, a fan asked Lehto why EA had turned its “favourite franchise (Battlefield) into something that is no longer the same”. Lichto replied:
I’m trying to find out for myself now. Then I want to set the record straight.

Find out what exactly is in Battlefield 2042 The game director is asking for help from the fans. Among other things, he also collects community opinions on Twitter and writes:
“I hear everything loud and clear. Keep up the good work. Thank you!”

Lehto proves how serious he is about it by commenting on a YouTube video dealing with vehicles in Battlefield 2042. He wants to make sure the developers at DICE watch this video, he writes on Twitter. At the same time, Lehto also points out that he still has a lot of work to do:
I really understand. But I only worked on this new job for a few months and had a lot of information to absorb before I could help make good decisions.

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He has yet to say how Lehto wants to shape the future of Battlefield 2042. However, he has already confirmed that a new studio will be built in Seattle under his supervision, which will complement existing Battlefield teams with work on Battlefield 2042. What else should fans be excited about: When asked if The Battlefield team was really working on a hero shooter, Lehto answered only tightly – “No.”

those: Twitter (via The battlefield is inside)

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