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Bayern Munich - Hans Flick quarrels and denies meeting Kahn: "I don't know what he wants to ask me"

Bayern Munich – Hans Flick quarrels and denies meeting Kahn: “I don’t know what he wants to ask me”

Coach Hansi Flick lost to Bayern Munich after losing in the Champions League quarter-finals to Paris Saint-Germain (Here are the highlights of the video) He denied an alleged upcoming meeting with board member Oliver Kahn and commented again on his future.

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Hansi Flick (Bayern Munich coach) in …

… the game: “We scored very few goals with our chances in the first leg in Munich. In the end, you have to say: If you add both games, we were the better team. I have to compliment my team, even if you can’t buy anything from them, we’re in.” At the moment we are unlucky because we have one or two injured players and two players who are not present (…) like in the first leg, we weren’t quite determined.

… Refree: “Unfortunately the goalkeeper was injured in the shoulder (when the opportunity arose to Troy Sani shortly before the end, Editor’s note) and had to pause for a long time. That was nothing but the game do not do the game. (…) the referees cost me a little emotionally, and in the end. There are some things you don’t really understand what is happening on the field.

Sane’s chance shortly before the end: “He probably should have done it alone.”

… his relationship with Hassan Salih Hamidic: “The situation is stable, nothing will change about it. He has his job, I have my job. I will continue as before. Everything is stable.”

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… his future: “Now I’ve just made up my mind, yeah. (Laughs) What should I worry about now? I’ve thought about what I’m going to tell the team.”

Upcoming meeting with Oliver Kahn this week: “I haven’t had an appointment with Oliver Kahn yet. I think if he wants to talk to me, he will tell me in time and I will have time. I didn’t have anything else to announce about which is why there are things they do. There are things related to the answers to certain questions without The need to say anything else. That is why you should be respectful when the coach does not feel like talking about it. In the end, things are clear because I have a contract with Bayern Munich always thinking about what will happen and how things will continue. For everyone in the club, it is about how to develop. The club and the team and this is a completely natural process. These things are very important to me. Success is a continuous process. With the six titles, we also set a benchmark and we have to keep doing it. Players want success, because this is completely normal. That’s why there is always something for me to re-evaluate. Everything constantly and taking on new challenges. I have my own thoughts about that too, this is normal. No matter what I will do, my family is always behind me and will always support me. They will not care if I am in DFB now and have a different rhythm. For them, it is imperative that I enjoy the job and this is what it is. J Redon. That’s why you’ll be completely behind me in everything, regardless of my decision. It feels good and I have already said that I really enjoy the job. I am related to the internship job which is why I cannot imagine anything other than this job. Of course there is a lot of pressure in Bayern Munich, but I am used to that as a player and this is a natural thing in the life of a coach and I have a lot of fun with him. “

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Manuel Neuer (Bayern captain): “You didn’t just fail today. The 1-0 win is deserved, but the starting position should have been better. It’s annoying. In the first match we squandered too many chances and conceded one goal too much. We whistled from the past a hole. Then it’s tough when You are playing against a great team. “

Thomas Muller (Bayern Munich) in …

… defeat: “We didn’t score a single goal to advance. The match track was a little different than it was in Munich. We didn’t have a lot of pressure on the opponent’s goal in the early stages, then Paris had the first two chances, Manu was great in the past and the post was useful once. And after.” That was we had the position we wanted. We made it 1-0 and had two good chances to score before half-time. In the second half, our commitment was always great, but the match was the referee allowing himself a slight drop and screaming. We didn’t really go into the pushing stage, the match was stopped. Over and over. In the end, our stances were pretty harmless. The offside goal was also just offside, but okay, that’s part of the game. Paris has an amazing attack, but overall it is clearly very frustrating for us that we were knocked out here, though We at Pa won the height. Obviously, we did not do ourselves a favor with the first leg result.

Neymar (Paris Saint-Germain) Uber …

… the game: “It was a great game for all football fans with many opportunities to score and many goal-area scenes. Of course we are all very happy to progress. We beat a very strong team so congratulations for the whole team. Now we have to enjoy it, in order to continue on.” Improvement. “

… possible Champions League victory: “I hope so, of course. Now we’re going to celebrate winning right and then we’ll see who we have to play against. It’s going to be really difficult again. Of course we hope to win the Champions League this year. We want that cup, but any team waiting for us now is very difficult. We have to.” We keep doing the same and then we can dream big. “