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Beatrice Egli has made a delicate landing with her new show!

Whatever Beatrice Eagley deals with will be successful. The attractive blonde not only reached the top of the charts in Switzerland with her latest album “All You Need”, but Beatrice Egli also took the number one spot in Germany. A few days ago, “The Beatrice Egli Show” celebrated its first television show, and here, too, the beloved Swiss made a very delicate landing.

Beatrice Egli’s first show was a huge hit!

At the premiere of her successful new show, Beatrice Egli invited many wonderful guests, for example Ross Anthony and Paul Reeves or Anna Karina, Wechk and Stefan Murs were on the guest list. But Francine Jordi, Kirsten Ott, Simino Rossi, Eric Felipe and Andreas Gaballier also celebrated Beatrice Egli’s new TV show. “The Beatrice Egli ShowAt the premiere, the Schlager community was excited and had a hit. Switzerland thanked its team and fans via Facebook. “A show with my name on it. It’s really cool! Thank you to all my magical guests”, who made this uniquely beautiful show. Also a big thank you to my entire team, who went out of their way until the last minute to make this show great. You guys are great! And of course thank you! Because without you from TV, none of this would have been possible! Thank you so many of you watched and celebrated yesterday! This makes me very very happy! Big with Schlager’s audience.

The popularity of Beatrice Egli is reflected in the Schlager portal, where the Swiss once again came first in Star Voting in April. Many Beatrice Egli fans have given 336,450 votes in one month for the beloved blonde, who has been an integral part of the Schlager universe since her DSDS victory in 2013. But who will be the star of 2022 on Schlagerportal won’t be decided until the end of the year, because those stars who have Only the most hardworking fans will be seated in the front seats.

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Star Vote Places April 2022

  • 1st place Beatrice Egli 336,450 votes
  • Second place Vanessa May 327,665 votes
  • Third place, Michelle, 217,353 votes
  • 4th place Laura Wilde 91,335 votes
  • Fifth place Ramon Roselli 77,109 votes

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