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Because of Luke Mockridge: ZDF postpones 'Das Traumschiff' episode

Because of Luke Mockridge: ZDF postpones ‘Das Traumschiff’ episode

Luke Mockridge does not currently do any shows or television appearances.BUILD: IMAGO IMAGES / IMAGE OF THE FUTURE

On Christmas Day, “Das Traumschiff” sails to Scandinavia on the ZDF. Originally, another episode of the series was scheduled to air on December 26, as it is now.”“mentioned. Accordingly, “The Dream Ship: Maldives” was already on the plan. Because comedian Luke Mockridge was involved in this episode, the announcer, according to the report, decided to put the episode on the back side for now.

Last year, an ex-girlfriend brought allegations against the 32-year-old comedian. after Show However, the Public Prosecution did not prove sufficient suspicions and ended the proceedings. Then several others reported in September woman In “Spiegel” about aggressive behavior by MockridgeAs a result, the TV plans for Saturday were canceled 1.

Mukridge did not deny Spiegel’s reports at the time, but he did not confirm any of them. His media lawyers said that the descriptions of the women “without exception are alleged facts” related to the privacy of our client. So there will be no comment on individual claims.

ZDF delays Traumschiff song with Mockridge

In “The Dream Ship: Maldives,” Mockridge plays a cook, the episode was filmed in January 2021. According to previous plans, the Sweden episode, which was aired instead, wasn’t supposed to run until Easter 2022, but was offered . According to t-online, ZDF has already decided to take this step in October 2021. In a statement issued by the broadcaster, it said:

Bulent Ceylan (right) in his book "The ship of dreams"- Guest roll.

Bülent Ceylan (right) as the “Traumschiff” guest role.Photo: ZDF/Dirk Bartling

In “Das Traumschiff – Schweden”, Bülent Ceylan also appeared as a comedian in the role of the cook, but this seems to be just a coincidence. ZDF asserts: “It is true that both Luke Mockridge and Bülent Ceylan both have chef jobs in the characters they portray, Otherwise, there is no similarity between these two stories.

“Dream Ship” broadcast time is not clear

It’s unclear when exactly the loop with Mockridge will run on ZDF. “The episode has ended and will be broadcast at a later time” is the only comment so far. The announcer notes, however, that the episode “can only be broadcast in a Christmas environment”, because the stories on the Maldives trip also revolve around birthday rotate.