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Jessica Paszka and Johannes Haller: They got married!

Johannes Haller: “I was pregnant”: this is how he lost 13 kilos

Previously “The Bachelorette” Jessica Paszka (31) and Johannes Haller (33) In love and happiness. The little girl came in May Healy (7 months) to the world, at the end of December, the two gave themselves up in a dreamy winter environment word yes.

In the video above: Johannes Haller and Jessica Paszka got married – and dressed in a dream!

Haller has now revealed hilarious details from Jessica’s pregnancy. “I was pregnant,” the sympathetic “bachelorette” candidate explained in a survey on Instagram and posted a fitting photo. Meaning: You might also put on some pounds.

Johannes Haller lost 13 kg – by intermittent fasting

But since the birth of the little mouse, the pounds have begun to drop. He has already lost a total of 13 kilograms. He has now also shared his weight loss secret with his followers: intermittent fasting (also: intermittent fasting). There is a longer break between meals.

Until the beginning of August, the reality TV actor relied on the so-called 16:8 method, which means that no meal can be eaten for 16 hours, and then about eight hours later. Then Haller went on a juice treat. The result: he lost a total of eleven kilograms. Method 14:8 followed in October, with a 14-hour eating break. To do this, he did three to four gym units per week. Again he lost two pounds.

One fan also wanted to know how Haller eats healthy during his eating stages. He answers: “I give up alcohol and fast food, but now I don’t give up carbohydrates … If there is kebab or pizza at lunchtime, it is not tragic.” Therefore, fasting is “a life hack because you don’t have to dispense with that cruelty,” says Haller. His concept clearly worked, he dropped a total of 13 kilograms – and the photos were great!

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