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Beyond the horizon with Plavis Polyimide PI

Beyond the horizon with Plavis Polyimide PI

Plavis Polyimide PI high-performance plastic Comco EBP It is officially approved for use in space. Its high temperature resistance, mechanical strength and chemical resistance make it suitable for use in harsh environments.

Plavis Polyimide PI: Approved for Space |  Image: Shutterstock
Plavis Polyimide PI: Approved for Space | Image: Shutterstock

In satellites, Plavis Polyimide PI will play a crucial role by providing optimal thermal insulation and protecting sensitive on-board computers from large temperature differences in space.

Plavis is a high-performance polyimide-based plastic that is available as semi-finished and finished parts. It has a complex proprietary profile with distinct individual characteristics and is used in various industrial sectors such as electronics, aerospace, transportation, mechanical engineering, semiconductor and solar system production. It is similar to Vespel and is used when high heat resistance, durability, wear resistance, stable friction level, good insulation and weight saving are required.


Comco EPP, a leading plastics and materials technology company, has made a name for itself with innovative solutions and high-quality products in various industries. With a focus on sustainability and technological excellence, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible and providing unique solutions to our customers.

At our production sites in Hallein near Salzburg (Austria), Waschbach near Koblenz (Germany), Seoul (South Korea) and Dubai (UAE), we manufacture standard and special semi-finished products with many years of experience dating back to the late 1970s, die castings and finished parts.

However, Comco EPP is more than just a middleman for plastics: in its in-house CNC centers, customer-specific end parts from thermoplastic and thermoplastic are manufactured using automation processes. Whether it is individual parts or a complete series, our customers can always count on consistently high quality.

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