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Musikkapelle Völs: an autumn party with children’s dreams and epic visions

Musikkapelle Völs: an autumn party with children’s dreams and epic visions

Blake shuddered at the rousing applause of the Völs orchestra, the children’s choir and guest star Nadine Beller!

Foles. The Völs’ autumn concert has the theme “Heaven and home, childhood dreams and epic visions”, which fits perfectly with the song “Tyrol, so close to heaven”. That’s what the description of the fall party said – promises kept out loud.

“World Premiere”

Since the people of Völs like to invite guests to their (occasional) parties, this was the case Vols Children’s Choir Under supervision Richard Saxer He was present and received thunderous applause from the audience at the beginning of the concert. And at the end there was a real guest star: the singer Nadine Beller The Völs orchestra invited people to attend the premiere – it was announced in Völs language as a “world premiere”. A new “Tyrol anthem” entitled “Tyrol, So Close to Heaven” was presented. Short description: “The lyrics are a hymn to the picturesque landscapes of Tyrol, created by the artists with deep passion and dedication. The song invites listeners to go on a musical journey through picturesque mountains, idyllic alpine pastures and the pristine nature of Tyrol. You must take Tyrol with you.”

Standing applause

In addition to the rest of the program, which was also co-choreographed by the Codeta Youth Orchestra, there was also something unusual about the encores in the capacity hall: the title tune of the drama “Schindler’s List” was played by the violinists. Martina Saxer Refined to the highest degree moving. Then the art of singing was required again: Nadine Bellerband manager and artist Christian Zoller And also everything that makes MK Falls sing and pay attention was on the microphone for the song “We Are the World.” The audience rose and gave all the performers a standing ovation that lasted for several minutes.

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Details on the edge

The fact that with the Vols you always have to be prepared for anything was demonstrated by the musical work “Visions”. It can happen that almost all the musicians leave the stage, mingle with the audience and create surprises with individual contributions to the singing accompanying the children’s choir. The fact that everyone came back after that should only be added for the sake of completeness.


There was also a slogan for another item of the program: “Honor is to whom honor is due”! The honor belongs to Kapellmeister Christian Zoller And Reinhard Bucherwho were honored for 40 years of membership in the Tyrolean Brass Music Society as well as Chairman of the Board of Directors roland betz, Which allowed him to get the green merit badge. mayor Peter Lubinwine And Vice President of the Regional Federation. Michael Kirchmeier The certificates were handed over and congratulated.

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