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Biden continues to push for a wall along the Mexican border

Biden continues to push for a wall along the Mexican border

As of: October 6, 2023 7:26 am

US President Biden is continuing to build the wall his predecessor Trump pushed — and he doesn’t want it. He said he couldn’t do anything else because the money had been authorized by Congress. There have been many criticisms of this.

It seems like a political about-face – and on a very sensitive topic. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has announced that it will build new barriers along the border with Mexico, and that doing so will result in a complete suspension of environmental protection regulations.

Now Joe Biden is continuing to build the wall that his predecessor, Donald Trump, campaigned so hard to build — and which he himself has repeatedly rejected. Before taking office, Biden pledged that his administration would “not build another foot of wall.”

Faced with this earlier statement, Biden defended himself by saying he now had no choice, saying he had to implement a measure passed under Trump in 2019: “The money for the border wall was expressly authorized by Congress. I tried. Congress didn’t do that, and I’m not following the law now.” want I can’t stop it.”

Asked today if he thought the border wall was effective, Biden replied: “No.”

Reviews from your party too

Despite this defense, criticism is coming from all quarters, including from within his own party. A border wall is a 14th-century solution to a 21st-century problem, says Congressman Henry Cuellar, a Democrat from Texas. “Under the Obama and Trump administrations, whenever the immigration numbers hit Mexico, we stopped them before they got to our border. We deported them,” Cuellar said on CNN. The Biden administration is also carrying out some deportations, “but is afraid to publicly show that we’re sending people back.”

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Trump responded by posting on social media that Biden was proving Trump right by building new border barriers. Biden should apologize to him and the American people.

Rep. Maria Salazar, a Republican from Florida, said of Biden’s announcement on CNN: “It’s very hypocritical. That’s why the American people are so angry with elected officials in both parties, because they sometimes say one thing and do another. This is a perfect example.”

Republicans demand better border security

Even before the current announcement about building a wall, Biden has once again come under fire from various quarters: especially the Democratic mayors of big cities like New York and Chicago, which have long been pushing for large numbers of immigrants. The president must do more to combat high immigration numbers.

Some Republicans in Congress repeatedly link immigration policy to aid for Ukraine. Instead of spending billions to support Ukraine, they demand that Biden better secure his own border with Mexico. One thing is certain: the issue will play a major role in the coming months of the election campaign.