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Big music event with CODA Audio

Big music event with CODA Audio

“Protestant Trumpet Day” was held in Hamburg at the beginning of May.

Organized by the Gospel Trumpet Ministry and held only every eight years, the event is the largest volunteer brass gathering in the world – and has a huge turnout. About 30,000 musicians and visitors participated in this festival from May 3 to 5. SG Medientechnik was entrusted with the technical implementation and Klingenberg Audiodesign was entrusted with the sound engineering planning and production.

The audio concept designed by Tobias Klingenberg also involved providing audio equipment – ​​which meant a significant amount of material expense for an event of this size: “That was actually a relatively big hurdle,” says Klingenberg, who had been looking forward to the performance for about six years – Quality Systems CODA Audio, “but thanks to the support of AVM Eventtechnik GmbH and the great support of CODA Audio Deutschland, everything went smoothly.”

Production was also demanding in terms of quality, Klingenberg says. For the final service in the Hamburg city park, for example, an area of ​​180 x 180 meters must be provided with equal sound from the center. A 360 degree application should display the highest possible level of speech intelligibility as well as live music and video feeds in the best possible way. “At the same time, residential areas adjacent to the city park were not allowed to be disturbed due to noise emissions.”

It seems difficult. But it was largely trouble-free – thanks to the CODA audio system enhancer. “I relied entirely on the results of the system optimizer during the initial planning,” says Klingenberg. Careful analyzes allowed him to plan the required use of materials and configuration in advance – and the calculated results proved absolutely correct during production: “This gives you reliable information about the behavior of the planned sound system. It is a very useful tool.”

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As a result of the calculations, the following CODA acoustic equipment was used: four line arrays each consisting of 4x AiRAY 90° (for long throw), including: 8x CiRAY 90° (for centerline) and 4x CiRAY 120° (for near field). “I chose this combination because AiRAY and the new CiRAY system can be perfectly combined with each other. The components complement each other, and the energy emitted by the sound system can be efficiently distributed to the corresponding sound zones Very comfortable handling: “The entire system is installed and set up for playing by two people in four Only hours. “LiNET provides a reliable, high-quality connectivity option that is very easy to configure.” Four LINUS T-Racks (each consisting of 3x LINUS 14D) provide the necessary power.

Long-time CODA audio user AVM Veranstaltungstechnik contributed a large portion of the equipment. The event service provider based near Bremen is one of the first companies in Germany to invest extensively in the new CiRAY. The line array system also demonstrated its outstanding characteristics at this outdoor event: “It impresses with its excellent handling, precise impulse behavior over the entire frequency curve and extremely long range,” says Matthias Kohl, Head of AVM Marketing. All of these advantages were also evident on the day of the Gospel Trumpet, where Cole was able to determine: “Even from a distance of more than 100 metres, it was possible to understand every word clearly.”

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CiRAY – 3-Way High Output Passive Line Array System:

LINUS T-RACK – 12 Channel Roaming Rack: