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Luigi's Mansion 2 HD Preview – Nintendo Switch – Tower

Luigi's Mansion 2 HD Preview – Nintendo Switch – Tower

After being able to experience new adventures with both Princess Peach and Mario this year, we now have a new game with the green-clad plumber: Luigi's Mansion 2 HD. However, the word “new” doesn't quite apply, as it is a revised version of the title that was released in 2013 for the Nintendo 3DS. We've already been able to experience the first few hours of gameplay and now we'll tell you our first impressions of the creepy and beautiful game.

Is Luigi up to the level of horror?

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The story once again brings together the unlikely couple Luigi and Professor I. Jade. The latter is currently conducting research in Eggplant Valley when Dark Moon is suddenly destroyed – throwing the valley's spirits into turmoil. Then I. Gidd is forced to leave his laboratory and take refuge in a shelter. He's no match for the ghosts on his own, which is why Luigi is called in to help. Armed with the new Schreckweg 09/15, the goal is to capture the spirits of the valley and rebuild the Dark Moon so that peace can return.

As part of the preview, I was able to explore parts of the first two haunted houses and get familiar with the controls and environments. Explorations are organized by quests that Professor A. Jed always assigns to you. Sometimes you have to figure out why there are so many spiders in an ominous villa, and sometimes you have to restore a broken water supply, which then opens locked doors. All the first missions were varied and thoroughly entertained me. I especially like the fact that from one mission to another more and more rooms are opened in which you can explore the surroundings. Additionally, the familiar spaces presented new surprises and ghosts that I was able to capture.

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The selection of ghosts you encounter is quite fascinating, and in addition to the exploration segments, it's clear that the premise of the game is based on fighting against them. However, the converted Schreckweg 09/15 vacuum cleaner cannot pull it into the bag immediately. Instead, you have to blind the ghosts in advance with your flashlight — called a strobe — and then suck them out. The whole thing feels like fishing because you always have to pull in the opposite direction that the ghost is trying to escape. At the same time, you must repeatedly press button A to use particularly strong suction power.

In the battle against ghosts, Luigi uses all kinds of equipment

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As diverse as the minds are, so are the styles. There are creatures that like to hide and it is up to you to find them. Others wear sunglasses and helmets and cannot be blinded so easily. This is definitely a big draw of the game, because you first have to understand the movement patterns of the ghosts in question so you can then control them. In addition to the ghosts, I also managed to kill a boss in the form of a giant spider. The battle was really well organized and clearly showed me that the transition from Nintendo 3DS to Nintendo Switch was a success.

Once you complete a level, not only will the captured ghosts be recorded in Professor I. Gidd's memory, but all the coins, banknotes and gold bars you collect during the exploration stages will also end up in your bank account. The money can be used to gradually unlock expansions for Schreckweg 09/15. For example, after upgrading, you can unleash stronger suction attacks or obtain an enhanced version of the Dark Lantern, which can then be used to detect invisible objects. With improved equipment, it is useful to complete levels repeatedly in order to find previously undiscovered ghosts or reveal the final secrets of the level. I'm curious to see what additions Professor I. Gidd will introduce later in the game.

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Smaller and larger puzzles are also well integrated into the villa's private rooms. Thanks to the Schreckweg 09/15, powerful flash and dark bulb, you can interact with some objects. The curtains can be sucked, you can activate the toilet flush, show other objects or even throw pre-sucked spike balls into the air. Thanks to the map, you won't actually get lost in the surroundings, although I was stuck for a while twice because sketchy clues went undetected initially. Then you have to systematically search each room – which can take a long time.

A successful jump from Nintendo 3DS to Nintendo Switch

From a technical perspective, I can already say that there is almost nothing left of the Nintendo 3DS. As someone who played Luigi's Mansion 3, I find that the remake of the 2013 adventure also looks very nice on the Nintendo Switch and instantly captivates you with familiar sounds. I was particularly impressed by the cutscenes that made the game's characters shine so brilliantly. Only in the first level did I notice an unpleasant detail: the eight-legged creatures chasing me ran straight through the wall of the well. Other than that, my playtime was free of technical glitches, long loading times, or the like. The controls are also based on the Nintendo 3DS version and work great, so I had a great time playing. It remains to be seen if the rest of the adventure is as compelling as the beginning of the game.