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Florian Silberisen fuels rumors of love

Florian Silberisen fuels rumors of love

There are always wild rumors about Florian Silberisen and Beatrice Egli.Photo: Imago Pictures


Vera Siebnish

It was actually supposed to be an evening for Jürgen Drews. The self-proclaimed “King of Mallorca” gave his farewell on stage and the ARD devoted an entire evening to him. His classmates and comrades sang to Drews in “Schlager’s Great Farewell” and admired him for his long career.

But it wasn’t Drews’ appearance on the show himself that sparked the speculation. Although he performed his songs several times on the show, others had the most interesting title of the evening. Because Florian Silbereisen and Beatrice Egli called Drews a very special look, which further fueled the rumors about the couple.

Beatrice Egli: intimate duet with Florian Silberisen

Egli and Silbereisen sang together a great classic: “1000 und 1 Nacht” by Klaus Lage. They clearly take the “touch 1000 times” mantra very seriously. They held hands on stage, snuggled and danced tightly. Since there have always been rumors of love around successful stars, this has sparked speculation from fans. on me Twitter One viewer wrote:

After this song, the Egli / Silbereisen couple will be announced tomorrow.

In fact, the two successful stars have previously addressed the question of whether they are a couple. In the summer of 2022, Silberisen said after a joint appearance: “There are so many headlines about us, week after week, I don’t know at the moment… are we together or apart?” And the Swiss woman warned then that one should not “believe everything that is written there.”

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Beatrice Egli explains future plans

But while possible a relationship Of the two, of course, speculation, the other fact is the truth: this year Beatrice Egli celebrates her first anniversary. Ten years ago she won “DSDS,” and she’s been in it ever since life A lot happened. “Sometimes I can’t believe myself that it’s been ten years, this year,” Egli explains on the show.

Then there is some really good news for her fans. Because when Silbereisen wanted to know from a colleague if she, too, could imagine being on stage as a singer over and over for 60 years, as Jürgen Drews had done, Egli says:

“As long as you want me to be healthy, it’s the nicest thing ever.”

Your fans must be very happy with this statement. And who knows, maybe she will appear more often with Florian Silberisen in the future.