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Borealis relies on wind and solar energy from Burgenland

Borealis relies on wind and solar energy from Burgenland

From 2026, the chemical company will receive 70 GWh of green electricity annually from Burgenland Energy's hybrid power plant.

Borealis And Burgenland Energie has a leader Power Purchase Agreement (Power Purchase Agreement, PPA) has been signed. far January 2026 The energy supplier wanders around Burgenland 70 GWh Delivering wind and solar energy to the Borealis site in Schwechat.

Electricity comes from a hybrid power plant Nickelsdorfwhich is operated by Burgenland Energie subsidiaries Nick Alpha and Wind PV Operation.

With this step, Borealis takes a big step towards its goal of covering all its electricity needs from renewable sources by 2030. “This new partnership underscores our commitment to leading the energy transition,” explains Thomas Gangl, CEO of Borealis.

The PPA has a ten-year term and will contribute to a significant reduction in Borealis' annual CO2 emissions. About 73,000 tons of carbon dioxide will be saved during the contract period.

to Burgenland Energy This cooperation confirms the company's pioneering role in the field of renewable energies. “The partnership between Borealis and Burgenland Energy is an example of how joint efforts can achieve significant change,” emphasizes Stefan Sharma, Managing Director of Burgenland Energy.

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