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Vans are available to share

Vans are available to share

Car sharing, i.e. car sharing, is becoming increasingly popular. St. Veit has had access to a network of electric vehicles for years. But what if you need to move furniture or building materials? For these cases there is now a new offer in St. Veit and Feldkirchen. Austrian startup 123-Transporter recognized the need for digital truck sharing a few years ago and has since built and continuously expanded its fleet of rental trucks. Rental trucks are also now available in St. Veit and Feldkirchen.

Matthias Bajek, Co-Founder and Managing Director of 123-Transporter

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“Since the demand for our trucks is constantly increasing and the vehicles are almost always fully booked, especially on weekends, it was clear to us that we wanted to continue our expansion as quickly as possible,” says Matthias Bajek, co-founder and company. Managing Director of “123-Transporter” Company. Trucks are available for loan at OBI branches. More information on:

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