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Börse Express – Voting rights at EQS: thyssenkrupp AG (German)

Börse Express – Voting rights at EQS: thyssenkrupp AG (German)

thyssenkrupp AG: Publication in accordance with Article 40 paragraph 1 WpHG with a view to European-wide distribution

EQS Voting Rights Notice: thyssenkrupp AG

thyssenkrupp AG: Publication in accordance with Article 40 paragraph 1 WpHG with a view to

Distribution throughout Europe

October 24, 2023 at 4:36 PM CET/CET

Publication of Voting Rights Notice sent by EQS News –

Service from EQS Group AG.

The source/publisher is responsible for the content of the message.

Notice of Voting Rights

1. Information about the issuing entity

Name: Thyssenkrupp AG

House number: Thyssenkrupp Allee 1

Postal code: 45143

Location: food


Legal Entity Identifier (LEI): 549300UDG16DOYUPR330

2. Reason for notification

X Buying or selling shares with voting rights

Acquiring or selling tools

Change in the total number of voting rights

Another reason:

3. Information about the person to be notified

Legal entity: Amundi SA

Registered Office, State: Paris, France

4. Names of shareholders

With voting rights of 3% or more, if different from 3.

5. History of contact with the threshold:

October 20, 2023

6. Total shares of voting rights

Share Share Total Number of Posts Total Number

Voting rights instruments (Total 7.A + Voting rights according to.)

(Total 7.a) (Total 7.b.1.+ 7.b) Section 41 WpHG


New 2.26% 0% 2.26% 622531741

Other 4.31% 0% 4.31% /



7. Details about voting rights

a. Voting rights (sections 33 and 34 WpHG)

Absolute ISIN %

Directly attributed Directly attributed

(Section 33 WpHG) (Section 34 WpHG) (Section 33 WpHG) (Section 34 WpHG)

DE0007500001 0 14084888 0% 2.26%

Total 14084888 2.26%

B 1. Instruments within the meaning of Article 38 Paragraph 1 No. 1 WpHG

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Type of entitlement/period of exercise Voting rights Voting rights

Expiry/Maturity of Absolute Instruments %

0 0%

Total 0 0%

B.2. Instruments within the meaning of Article 38, Paragraph 1, No. 2, WpHG

Entitlement type- Exercise- Cash settlement or voting- Voting-

Instructions / period / rights of material rights

Settle absolute expiry duration in %

0 0%

Total 0 0%

8. Information related to the person obligated to notify

The reporting party (3.) is not subject to oversight or control

Other companies subject to notification require voting rights

Issuers (1.) have or have voting rights of the issuer

To be attributed.

X complete series of subsidiaries, starting with

The supreme controlling person or the supreme controlling person

a company:

Voting rights in the company by %, instruments by %, and total by %,

If 3% or higher If 5% or higher If 5% or


Amundi SA % % %

Amundi Assets % % %



Amundi SA % % %

CPR Origins % % %

SA management

Amundi SA % % %

Community % % %



Amundi SA % % %

BFT Investment % % %


9. In the case of a power of attorney pursuant to Article 34, paragraph 3, of the WpHG

(Only possible with attribution in accordance with Article 34 Paragraph 1 Sentence 1 No. 6 WpHG)

History of the General Assembly:

Total voting rights (sixth) after the General Assembly:

Share of voting rights Share of instruments Total shares

10. Other information:


October 24, 2023

24 October 2023 CET/CET EQS Distribution Services include Legal Services

Reporting requirements, corporate/financial news and press releases.

Media archive at

German language

Company: ThyssenKrupp AG

ThyssenKrupp Allee 1

45143 food



More information is available online under Investor Relations

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Information can be found on our website under Investor Relations

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